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Monday, July 1, 2019

After Kit Siang's latest remarks, Najib 'invites' him to join Umno

The tiff between Najib Abdul Razak and Lim Kit Siang has resumed, with the former premier inviting the DAP veteran to join Umno.
He even filled up Lim's name in an Umno membership form and named himself as the proposer.
However, the former Umno president did not mention if he would push for the party to amend its constitution to admit non-bumiputera members.
“I cannot guarantee if Umno would approve his membership...
“(I am) concerned it might be rejected on the grounds of lacking integrity and sanity,” he added in a Facebook post this afternoon.
Najib was responding to Lim's statement earlier regarding Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi returning to lead the party after a protracted leave.
The DAP veteran had asked if Zahid would serve as a proxy for Najib.
"Is his return merely to ensure that Umno is nothing but a 'Bossku' outfit, with him playing the role of 'Bossku' proxy as Najib senses he might lose control of Umno?" he questioned.
Meanwhile, Najib recalled how Lim, whom he described as 'MenHEN' (the Malay abbreviation for 'Minister of Najib Affairs'), backed down from debating him after accepting to do so.
“After disappearing for a period of time, MenHEN re-emerged today and accused Zahid of coming back to save me.
“(He claims) my influence in Umno has waned and Zahid's return is part of my conspiracy to revive my influence in Umno. This is Zahid's decision. It has nothing to do with me,” he added.
Najib claimed that less than two months ago, Lim accused him of being the “grand mastermind” in Umno, but is now claiming otherwise.
“Kit Siang is peculiar. He sees conspiracies everywhere. (Previously) he said I am influential, (now) he says I have lost my influence. (He) doesn't stop except when he bolted from debating.
“But it cannot be denied that affairs related to Umno and I are close to his heart. So why trouble yourself from the outside, MenHEN can join Umno,” he added.
Previously, Lim pulled out of the debate, citing how numerous quarters expressed concern that it would be used to stir up racial and religious sentiments. - Mkini

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