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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Penang to draft enactment to prevent spread of non-Muslim religions to Muslims

The Penang Islamic Affairs Council (MAINPP) has proposed a legislation to tighten control and prevent the spread of non-Muslim religions to Muslims.
Deputy Chief Minister I Ahmad Zakiyuddin Abd Rahman (above) (PKR-Pinang Tunggal) said today at the State Legislative Assembly that the matter was proposed to the council's technical committee on syariah law in a meeting on Oct 14.

"The proposal was to draft a law on Control and Prevention of non-Muslim Religions in Penang," Zakiyuddin said during his wrap-up debate on the Penang Budget 2020.

"MAINPP members have agreed to the proposals by the Penang Syariah Persecution Drafting Department and the Penang Legal Advisor's Department to prepare a draft of the enactment before it is approved by the state executive council," he added.

Zakiyuddin was responding to concerns raised over the proselytisation of non-Muslim religions and distribution of bibles to the Muslim community in Penang and Kedah. The issue was raised by Opposition leader Muhamad Yusoff Mohd Nor (BN-Sungai Dua). 
Zakiyuddin made the remarks in his capacity as state exco for Islamic Affairs, Community Development and Industry Development. He said the state government will be giving due attention to the spreading of non-Muslim religions and the distribution of bibles to the Muslim community in Penang.
Interjecting Muhammad's debate, Norlela Ariffin (PKR-Penanti) said to dispel fear of the bible and maintain harmony, she had organised interfaith dialogue sessions in the constituency since 2015. 
Zakiyuddin said the Penang Islamic Affairs Department and the police will monitor and probe all such cases and complaints which have been highlighted by the Muslim community.
Meanwhile, Zakiyuddin thanked the state government for its commitment to strengthen Islam in Penang by allocating RM60.05 million for the cause in the state's Budget 2020.
From this amount, RM11.09 million will fund the development of the Penang Islamic Affair Department, Zakiyuddin said.
"This includes the funding of two mosques in Kampung Bongol and Sungai Nibong Besar, which is under construction."  - Mkini

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  1. Hello DCM of Penang. If bible was distributed to muslim then go after the cristian members who did that. Please do not mention non muslim religion bcoz that is so general.. If someone rape somebody will take the blame? I dont think so. Dont tell me you also Tin Kosong.