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Friday, January 31, 2020

Tanah Palestin : Salafi Wahabi Sokong Komplot Donald Trump, DAP Pula Menolaknya Dengan Keras

Team Sahibul Samaha Salafi Wahabi Yang Tikam Belakang Palestin

Saudi, Egypt, Qatar, UAE on Tues welcomed Trump peace plan
kingdom appreciates Trump's comprehensive peace plan for Palestine / Israel
  • encourages direct nego between Palestine / Israelis under US auspices 
  • also called to resolve disagreements through negotiations
Crown Prince MBS : Peace is strategic choice, will bring permanent solution 

Egypt issued similar statement
Egypt appreciates US comprehensive, just settlement of Palestinian issue
thereby ending Palestinian-Israeli conflict 

My comments : 

After 72 years the Palestinians are finally being dumped permanently by the Arabs. 

For 72 years all Muslim politicians, dictators, illegitimate rulers and Arab kings worried about keeping their heads on their shoulders played the Palestinian card to the hilt. 

The Palestinians played a fantastic role as the victims of all the world's conspiracies against Islam. 

The Palestinians were mentioned in every Friday sermon in all the mosques in the muslim world. 

Now, after 72 years the salafi wahabi Saudis, UAE, Qatar plus Egypt are saying that the Palestinians can go and negotiate directly with Israel. Supervised by the US. 

  • Do not call us in the middle of the night. 
  • Do not ask us for money. 
  • Do not bother us anymore.
  • We have our own problems. 

The Palestinians have finally been sold down the river. 

In Malaysia Ms Teo Nee Ching of the DAP has protested vehemently against Donald Trump's peace plan. 

DAP's Ms Teo Nee Ching - Bukan Salafi Atau Wahabi

DAP's international secretary Teo Nie Ching urged the US not to implement the plan as it would threaten decades-long efforts to achieve peace in Palestine.

She also denounced the plan as lopsided in favour of Israel, which was decided without discussions with Palestinians or obtaining their agreement.

“This unilateral action by US-Israel within a span of three years, especially in the issue of declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, formulating apartheid-like Jewish state laws and the announcement of the 'Deal of the Century' is an opression of the Palestian people.

“If this happens, US will directly negate the efforts of various quarters to estalish peace in the Middle East.

“DAP urges all to return to the discussion table based on the principles accepted by everyone and to take into account the people of Palestine, whose voice is the most important in this issue,” she added in a statement this evening.

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