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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Ex-Amanah lawmaker likens defection to 'switching rooms' in the same house


Serom assemblyperson Faizul Amri Adnan said his decision to leave Amanah for PKR was not a betrayal of his voters, who he said gave a mandate to the Pakatan Harapan coalition.

"There is no change in my position as an assemblyperson because I hold on to the mandate given by the rakyat, who chose Harapan.

"It is akin to moving to a different room, but still remaining in the same house," Faizul (photo, above) told Malaysiakini.

Faizul was one of three Amanah assemblypersons in Johor who defected to PKR, which had kept the matter under wraps to prevent souring relations.

However, the matter unravelled after Senggarang assemblyperson Khairuddin A Rahim was spotted in public in PKR colours late last month. The other assemblyperson is Muhamad Said Jonit (Mahkota).

This has naturally made relations between Amanah and PKR challenging, with the Ledang Amanah division - which Faizul used to belong to - declaring that they were suspending ties with their PKR counterparts.

Top party officials on both sides, however, have remained stoic.

Asked what drove him to leave Amanah, Faizul said he no longer enjoyed the party's support, especially in the constituency.

"Therefore, I have to reorganise my operations for the good of my constituents," he curtly replied.

Faizul does not expect PKR to nominate him as a candidate for the Serom seat again and was of the opinion that Amanah had the right to claim candidacy.

"That seat was won by Amanah... Therefore Amanah needs to continue efforts to retain that seat in the future," he said.

Asked if he expected to be fielded elsewhere by PKR, Faizul said he would leave the matter to the wisdom of his new party's leadership.

"That would be decided by PKR. I didn't (switch parties) for seats. I want to continue with (Harapan's) struggle.

"If they said I don't have to be fielded, I will accept it. If they say otherwise, I will accept it.

"If they want me to be an ordinary citizen and party activist, I'll accept that too," he said. - Mkini

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