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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Sekijang rep claims enticement to support Muhyiddin, rejects it


Sekijang MP Natrah Ismail claimed there was an attempt to poach her to support Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, which she then rejected.

In a statement today, the PKR lawmaker said two people, including one with a Datuk Seri title, met her yesterday to praise her good work in her constituency and offered to help her continue her work as an MP.

“They asked whether I’m interested to give support for Muhyiddin and outlined the benefits that can be garnered by providing such support.

“I frankly and clearly answered that I’m not interested in supporting Muhyiddin and rejected their offer. To me, there is no meaning in getting any benefit if I defect from the Reformasi cause and violate my oath of office as an MP,” she said in a statement today.

She said she has reported the matter to PKR’s leadership, as she believes efforts to encourage opposition MPs to defect through offers of rewards and positions are still underway.

Her statement followed another round of defections from opposition elected representatives to the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government.

PKR parliamentarians Larry Sng and Steven Choong had switched sides to PN last week, pledging their support for Muhyiddin as independent MPs.

Sebatik assemblyperson Hassan A Gani Pg Amir also defected from Warisan to Gabungan Rakyat Sabah – a coalition that also comprises PN alongside BN and Parti Bersatu Sabah.

- Mkini

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