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Friday, April 30, 2021

It’s my child, of course I had to speak, Indira tells IGP


M Indira Gandhi says it was Abdul Hamid Bador’s duty to enforce the Federal Court’s ruling to track down Muhammad Riduan Abdullah.

PETALING JAYA: M Indira Gandhi, who is still battling to get her daughter back from her ex-husband despite the Federal Court giving her custody of the child, has hit back at Abdul Hamid Bador’s remarks that interference from her and other groups had hindered his efforts to find the girl.

She rubbished the outgoing inspector-general of police’s (IGP) claim that statements issued by Indira and other NGOs had “frightened off” her former husband Muhammad Riduan Abdullah, who he said had temporarily “severed communications”.

Speaking to FMT, Indira said it was natural for her to speak up on the case as it was about her daughter, Prasana Diksa, and that the court had ordered the police to make sure her daughter was returned to her.

She said she could not understand how Riduan, who converted after leaving her, could have been spooked by the media statements from her or the NGOs who have been helping her.

“I feel Hamid may have neglected his duties and what he should have done. His statement and attitude is disappointing.

“I don’t understand why he needed such a long time to solve the case. If he had made so much progress as he claimed, why didn’t he meet me?” she asked.

She said the IGP could have told her what needed to be done to bring her daughter back.

Indira added that the NGOs which helped her were only advising her on the case.

“Hamid’s statement seems unfair and everyone knows this. We have never threatened Riduan. We never touched on the issue of religion. Why should anyone be afraid?

“Now, let’s see what the new IGP says on the issue,” she said, referring to Acryl Sani Abdullah who will be replacing Hamid from Tuesday. - FMT

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