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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Tawau MP slams distasteful social media posting


Christina Liew’s parliamentary liaison officer, Robert Penggai (left), lodged a police report over the Facebook posting yesterday.

KOTA KINABALU: Former Sabah deputy chief minister Christina Liew has condemned a social media posting that implies she has died.

The posting was spotted by her team at the Tawau parliamentary service centre yesterday. A Facebook user had expressed his condolences for the Tawau MP’s supposed demise.

There was also a photo of her superimposed on a wreath of flowers.

Liew said this was the first time she had ever come across such a deplorable tactic to confuse the people as well as to damage her image.

Christina Liew.

“I think it’s very cruel and in bad taste,” she told FMT.

“I know the general election could be coming. So, maybe a lot of people are getting excited and have started their propaganda.

“But this is going down to the very lowest level. My team was upset after seeing the post. I also believe the people of Tawau feel the same way.”

Liew said that besides asking the police to investigate the matter, she also wanted the posting to be removed and the user concerned to issue an apology.

Her parliamentary liaison officer, Robert Penggai, lodged a police report yesterday, saying the posting had caused great emotional strain on Liew as well as her family.

He also urged the communications and multimedia ministry to investigate the matter.

He added that they would take legal action if the posting is not removed and an apology is not made. - FMT

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