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Monday, May 3, 2021

Rupanya Polis Sudah Lama "Sakit".

 This is from Free Malaysia Today here.

PJ : Former IGP Musa Hassan said politicians meddled in police affairs during his time outgoing IGP Abdul Hamid Bador made the same allegation

  • Musa said politicians issued instructions to his officers without his knowledge 
  • politicians told police to free their gangs
  • gave instructions to state police chiefs without my knowledge

political interference affected operations, disrupted investigations

allegations Home Minister (chairman of PFC)tried to determine police appointments

Musa said Federal Constitution must first be amended

My comments :

When you are in government (Police, Civil Service, Bank Negara, Customs, Immigration) there are so many ways to be corrupt.

The less clever ones leave behind a document trail, electronic trail, stash cash in their houses etc.  When arrested and investigated it is easy to prove their corruption.

The cleverer ones can go undetected for years. They do two things (among others).

First thing is they do not steal money directly. They do it indirectly. 

One of the easiest ways to steal money indirectly is 'insider information'. Inside information is common to public listed companies. Lets say a public listed company is going to make  a major announcement for example that they are going to merge with another company.  Lets say it is quite certain that when the announcement is made the share price of the company will most likely move up. So unscrupulous people on the inside loop - company directors, shareholders, the auditors, financial consultants, the regulatory authorities, the investment bankers who may be involved - may use this information to make money. They can take positions on the share market ahead of the major announcement. Then when the announcement is made and the share price does move up they can sell their shares and make a killing.

With the world being so connected it is easier for well connected crooks to hide or camouflage their insider trading across borders. You can buy shares in Malaysian companies from anywhere in the world (like Singapore, Hong Kong or Dubai). Similarly you can buy shares in companies overseas from right here in Malaysia.

So lets say a crook who works in government has obtained 'inside information' about a merger exercise involving Malaysian companies. He will alert his co-conspirators (usually agents who will get a share of the gains) to take positions from overseas (like Singapore, Hong Kong or Dubai). After the share price has gone up the 'agent' overseas will sell the shares and split the gains with the local crook.

All this will run on trust between the crooks and their co-conspirators overseas. Usually if the thievery is going to be repeated, then this crook-axis can last quite a while. Or the local crooks who are savvy can set up 'proxy owned' investment accounts overseas. 

So it will be very difficult to connect the dots in such a scenario. Because what is being stolen here is information. Not real cash. 

The risk for these crooks is how their illegal profits are actually delivered into their pockets. At the end of the day the crooks will want to eat their illegal cakes. That is where there is a greater possibility  of them leaving trails. Bank accounts, yachts, houses all need documentation.

It all depends on whether you are investigated honestly or not. That is all.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.

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