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Monday, May 10, 2021

YOURSAY | 'Under what circumstances are lewd jokes ever acceptable?'


YOURSAY | 'How many students would actually speak up against a teacher in public?'

Lewd jokes in Parliament begin in classrooms, says Ain

What Happened To Privacy?: Under what circumstance is it ever acceptable for a teacher to tell a class of male and female students: “If you want to rape anyone, make sure they are above 18”?

If he didn’t say it, say so. If he meant something else, say so. The silence is incredibly deafening.

Of course, if it’s an issue that can be solved on a personal level, that should be done. But these words were uttered in class, not to her personally.

How many students would actually speak up against a teacher in public? Just because Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam didn’t do it there and then, does that mean she loses any opportunity to bring it up, ever?

Yes, we still don’t know the context. Why is that? Why was there no swift explanation? It’s been more than two weeks. The classmate (who made a rape threat against Ain) immediately apologised for what he said, and the matter is now closed.

This matter involving the teacher is snowballing, precisely because nothing has been done.

We have all seen what happens to errant teachers. The matter is kept quiet and they get transferred. Barely a rap on the knuckles. How does that solve anything at all?

Beman: “This is because they do not understand this is wrong. This is the fault of the education system, for focusing so much on academic achievements but not on the morals and manners of students,” said Ain.

I would say that the fault is not because of too much focus on academic achievements and not on morals and manners of students, but it is because the education system has failed to screen out people who are not qualified to be teachers.

If all teachers just devote themselves to teaching well the subjects they are assigned to teach, they would have no time for bad jokes in the classroom.

You can have all your religious and moral studies in the curriculum. But if you put the wrong people to teach in your school, the morals and manners of your students are not going to be any better.

Young people do not learn good ethics from books but by observing the actions and behaviours of their parents and teachers. A hardworking science teacher will have greater positive influences on students than a moral studies teacher who shows indifference in teaching.

Pokok Kelapa: These things are considered minor issues by the majority. Everyone ‘bising kat’ on social media, but no action to be seen, is seen or will be seen. The masses have more important issues like the pandemic and its fallout to worry about.

These things are not issues with schools alone. There is no difference as to which school one is from. International or private schools are sometimes worse. The issue springs from home. Parents have little or no time to engage the kids on these issues.

Ain is lucky she has full parental support. But even Ain and her parents have limited choice of what to do next.

Does anybody have any data or facts about children and the use of electronic gadgets? About how online schooling is affecting the kids. There are going to be serious consequences in the long term. The whole education system is in a mess, worldwide.

FairMalaysian: I totally disagree that the school or the system is wrong. Where then the good students and those who grow up to be good individuals come from? From the same school system.

Then where does the problem lie? If you are talking about Parliament and the elected members, the problem lies with the speaker.

Once, just once, if the speaker cracks the whip, this nonsense will stop. The mannerism in the august House is so pathetic that today it is symptomatic of what frogs are.

The speaker has a duty and responsibility to maintain the decorum in the House but when we have spineless and politically biased speakers, what can you expect? The unruly “rowdies” stage their dramas and turn the House into a mockery.

Anonymous_15897060865429524: The good ones are in spite of the poor system, not because of it. An example is Ain herself. A good student in a lousy system.

For every one Ain, there are hundreds of girls who suffer in silence. For every one good male student, there are many more bad ones.

Cogito Ergo Sum: And yet we keep on re-electing these degenerate representatives to Parliament.

It reflects on the moral standards of society, as well that despite such crudity, we go back to the same people again and again to represent our base instincts.

There is so much wrong with us over the last 60 years and apart from being financially bankrupt now, we have been morally bankrupt for a long time.

And no one bothers or cares, except for the victims of such degrading abuse and a few brave activists and NGOs. Downward we race towards oblivion.

Sulaiman Bin Che Long: Yes, Ain is right. It takes a young girl to call it out.

If lewd jokes are accepted in classrooms, then there are no boundaries, and acceptance becomes tolerance. From there, it is a slippery road of ‘tidakapaism’.

That’s where we are now. We aspire to be the lowest. But wait, it will go even lower.

Ain should study hard. Get your degree and aspire to reverse our downward trajectory. This natural instinct of saying out what she feels is right cannot be learned in school. It is taught at home, by parents. But it can be nurtured.

Pray that in 10 to 15 years’ time, she blooms into an influential figure, whatever path she chooses to take.

GreenViper4010: So Malaysia gets its own Greta Thunberg, albeit involving a different message but no less important.

Good on you girl. Go for it! All the best. - Mkini

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