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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Kelantan single mum sells RM1.50 mixed rice to help those impacted by the pandemic


Thirty-four year old single mum Siti Suhada Salleh was cognisant of the hardship suffered by those in her neighbourhood amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Siti Suhada herself couldn’t work her regular job at a water filter firm during the “total lockdown”.

Hoping to earn some income while helping those in her neighbourhood, Siti Suhada and her younger sister Siti Salma Salleh, 32, decided to cook up mixed rice which they only sold for RM1.50 a pack.

She knew that the profit margin would be small but said that they were also considering those who had lost their income during the pandemic.

SIti Suhada said they started selling the RM1.50 mixed price when the lockdown began at the start of June and advertised them on the internet. They received good response from residents in Kampung Alor Tal, Tumpat.

“This small business itself started because I couldn’t work during the lockdown and my sister invited me to start selling mixed rice.

Alhamduillah, the response was good and we received many orders. After that, there were requests for us to start a stall.

“We understand that many people are impacted by the pandemic and road blocks,” she said.

The mixed rice includes either chicken or fish cooked as a gulai dish.

Mixed rice in Kelantan typically cost between RM2.50 and RM6 depending on the dishes.

Siti Suhada’s efforts caught attention on social media with praise for the affordable price.

They have since set up a stall outside their home to cater to the many customers.

The mother of two said they need about 10 chickens and 2kg of fish a day to meet the demand.

Alhamduillah, the sales also provide us with some income to support our family as we can’t work (during the lockdown),” she said.

At the same time, Siti Suhada said she hoped that it can also help those who are cash-strapped during the lockdown.

“We did not expect it to attract so much attention and even go viral on social media,” she said.

The stall operates from 7am until all mixed rice packets are sold out, which is normally at 9am. - Mkini

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