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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

YOURSAY | Zahid's cat-and-mouse game with Bersatu getting stale


YOURSAY | 'Or shall we say Umno is giving PN 14 days to make better offers?'

Umno gives 14 days’ notice for govt to reconvene Parliament

IndigoTrout2522: Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, you have been authorised by your party’s general assembly to set a date to pull out of the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government.

As long as Umno is in the PN government, you share the same responsibility of not obeying the royal decree.

You cannot say one thing and do another. Otherwise, you are just as guilty. Your only option is to pull out of the PN government immediately and demand the resumption of Parliament and end of the emergency.

So be bold and decisive or be shown as a weak leader.

Uturn: The Yang di-Pertuan Agong has decreed that Parliament should reconvene as soon as possible.

Now Umno is delaying it another two weeks. Even former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak mentioned that reconvening Parliament is straightforward as all MPs are not new legislators and can attend.

No U-turn Zahid, do it ASAP.

Thunderbolt: If Parliament was not convened after 14 days, then what?

Zahid, you have no guts. Just issue a firm and decisive statement, not one that is open-ended.

Have the courage to say if Parliament was not convened after 14 days, Umno will pull out of the PN government the next day.

A Little Bit Crazy: I believe there’s a technical error that needs to be addressed first.

Zahid, Umno is part of the PN government, so you’re actually serving a 14-day notice to yourself. Your notice should be served directly to Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, not to the PN government as a whole.

Also, you should add one more sentence to your notice.

“If Parliament was not reconvened within 14 days by July 5, 2021, Umno will pull out from the PN government, with immediate effect, on July 6, 2021.”

It would be firmer and more serious that way. If not, I’m afraid that Muhyiddin will answer you, like he did to the Agong: “We take note of your notice, but will act accordingly to the Constitution.”

JBond: Indeed, when you’re part of the present government, it’s like you’re issuing an ultimatum to yourself. How stupid is that?

Just tell your Umno ministers to quit en bloc. That would cripple the government and cause it to self-destruct.

I thought you’re smarter than that.

The Observant: Yes, laughable, two weeks’ notice and then what? If Muhyiddin goes silent, as he usually does, then what? Give another extension? And then, what after that?

Just cut to the chase and do what you have to do.

Muhyiddin will always say Parliament will convene but never officially state the date and time. While this is going on, others will be rounding up statutory declarations in full throttle to make sure the status quo remains.

Grab a seat and a bowl of popcorn, let this sick mockery of our constitutional democracy begin. Take it as more MCO entertainment.

Business First: Do you think that Muhyiddin does not see through your plan, Umno? What consequences do your 14-day deadline threat come with? A threat to call another meeting to discuss your threat?

What a joke. You are cut from the same cloth as Bersatu. All talk and no action.

You don’t dare to leave. You voted for the speaker and the budget. There are too many Umno MPs who are ministers and deputy ministers, or have positions in GLCs (government-linked companies).

Some are enjoying the perks of power, even though they have been kicked out by voters in GE14. Will they leave? I doubt it.

The “Court Cluster” is trying to get a better deal by threatening to leave and twisting PN’s arm. But PN isn’t stupid. DAP will not welcome Umno, so where will your majority come from? All you can offer is about half of the party’s MPs, less than what GPS or PAS have.

So, more drama and meaningless statements, except in the hope that PN will bargain and offer something more.

OrangePony5256: Or shall we say Umno is giving PN 14 days to make better offers?

How many times has Umno given an ultimatum to PN? It has become a joke.

Nobody is taking Umno seriously these days. It can’t even mount enough MPs to take over.

PW Cheng: Politicians seem to be making use of the royals whenever it suits them.

PAS, a great proponent of feudalism, has been completely silent on the royal decree. Under normal circumstances, the party will be accusing others of being disloyal to the royals, which is derhaka (treasonous). They will even float the idea of bringing in sedition charges.

PAS has never been consistent in what they preach, but consistent in their political and personal interests.

Bornean: So, there is now a new deadline for Umno ministers to pull out of the PN government? And then another 14 days after that? -Mkini

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