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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

LRT train doors wide open while in transit, passengers safe


The doors onboard an LRT train remained open after leaving a station yesterday, stunning passengers.

A video clip of the incident was uploaded by Twitter user @perksofbeingsxf.

In a statement today, LRT operators Rapid KL said the incident happened at 3.01pm involving an LRT train departing from the Ara Damansara station towards the Lembah Subang station.

"The incident was discovered immediately by the operations control centre and the train was taken out of service less than two minutes later when it reached the Lembah Subang station that is located about 900 metres away.

"It was then sent to the depot for immediate inspection and further investigation," said Rapid KL.

There were seven passengers on board at the time. All were evacuated safely.

"Rapid KL takes this incident very seriously and a detailed investigation is taking place to identify the cause. Appropriate mitigation plans will be implemented to avoid future occurrences," said the company.

Just two months ago, two LRT trains collided, injuring 213 people.

An investigation blamed communication problems and claimed that the operation control centre had "missed critical procedures". - Mkini

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