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22 May 2024

Friday, December 31, 2021

Dr M warns of climate change, govt incompetence in new-year message


In his new-year message, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned of climate change and government incompetence in dealing with its effects.

He said while each new year holds the promise of a better year than the last, the effects of global warming make things unpredictable.

"We must remember that we are experiencing climate change and uncertainty. The temperatures are rising, and the rains are extraordinarily heavy - causing devastating floods," he said in a statement this evening.

However, he said Malaysia is actually being protected from the effects of extreme weather by the Philippines where its effects are even more devastating.

"We are grateful for this protection. What we should focus on is how to deal with major floods.

"The government is supposed to play a primary role. Unfortunately, it appears the government has no idea how to help the people and is even uncaring to their suffering.

"Such is the irresponsible attitude of the government where some of them are holidaying abroad, while those in the country don't go down to help the people - while those who do go on the field prioritise being photographed as reported by the media," he said.

He said instead it is the people who have risen up to help each other in various forms.

He linked the government incompetence with alleged corruption in the form of giving positions in exchange for support.

The government has come under heavy fire for its allegedly lacklustre response to the devastating floods in the Klang Valley two weeks ago.

The flooding was associated with Tropical Depression 29W, which made landfall near Kuantan on Dec 17 and caused severe flooding across Central Peninsular Malaysia. MetMalaysia made no mention of the incoming weather phenomenon as it developed over several days on the South China Sea.

Further flooding is occurring now as the monsoon batters the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. - Mkini

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