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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Satu Lagi Ujian Markah 90% Untuk Brader Ismail Sabri : Terence Gomez quits MACC Panel in protest over share ownerships.


  • PJ : Economist Edmund Terence Gomez resigned from MACC panel 
  • after it failed to discuss reports implicating top leaders at MACC 
  • Gomez said disturbing “nexus between business and law enforcement” 
  • “conflict of interest” involving MACC Chief extensive ownership of stock
  • Gomez said former MACC Chief Commissioner involved in conflict-of-interest 
  • "trend in this institution must be investigated promptly”
  • Gomez had written thrice to MACC Panel's chairman Borhan Dollah
  • FMT is seeking a response from Borhan.

  • also written to MACC Advisory Board chairman Abu Zahar three occasions
  • “Abu Zahar too did not respond to my request, to my disappointment”
  • Copies sent to press for fear that panel chairmen would not act on allegations 

    (OSTB : FMT I think you will not get any response. Borhan, Abu Zahar probably having the shivers right now.)

    • Gomez said allegations in articles published at a website 
    • wrote two letters to Burhan about the articles
    • Gomez extremely disappointed advisory board did not discuss matter
    • even after brought up in Parliament on Dec 14, widely reported in media
    • Gomez told FMT that he is currently pushing for the panel’s response. 
    • “letter sent to press to publicise reluctance to act 
    • press has to help us keep this matter in the public eye 

    prime minister should also act on this matter 

    • Allegations about top MACC official raised in Parliament by MPs 
    • called on authorities to investigate 


    KL Dec 28 — Edmund Terence Gomez resigned from MACC Consultation Panel 

    protesting inaction against chief commissioner's ownership of millions in stocks

    • Dec 14, Sivarasa filed urgent motion to discuss ownership of 2m shares 
    • Sivarasa claimed between 2015 - 2016, became owner of:
    • 930,000 shares in Gets Global (30/4/2015) 1,029,000 shares (31/3/2016)
    • 21/3/2016 also owned 2,156,000 warrants in Excel Force MSC 
    • younger brother owned 3,728,000 shares in Gets Global

    My comments :

    Allow me to digress a little.  Here is a Star newspaper report from December 2021. This is about the Public Accounts Committee's findings about Bank Negara's involvement in that land deal pertaining to the 1MDB scandal.

    KL : RM2.07b land deal involving BNM / 1MBD in 2017 done hastily 
    without proper due diligence, says Public Accounts Committee (PAC).
    BNM board of directors did not carry out adequate due diligence 

    board decided to buy Lot 41 in 9 days   
    3 days after offer was made by Ministry on Aug 21
    transaction concluded in short time - four months

    doubts whether BNM faced pressure from government 
    PAC found no prior plans to acquire land under BNM strategic plans
    PAC findings based on Auditor-General’s Report 2019 

    payment of RM1.035b made on Dec 19, 2017
    2nd payment RM1.035bil on Dec 27, 2017 

    PAC found evaluation done by Suleiman & Co was high
    evaluation done based on status of land use, categorised as “none”

    My comments :

    I am 100% certain that someone must have advised the kleptocrat government at that time that Bank Negara had spare cash of RM2.07 billion lying around that could be "exploited" to bail out 1MDB. Only someone with knowledge of Bank Negara Malaysia's cash reserves could have known about such money. 

    And there is no way that Bank Negara could have committed RM2.07 billion of tax payer's money without the OK of not just the Board of Directors but also with the approval of the Governor. I believe the governor of Bank Negara at that time was NOT a woman. It was a guy, another mat kampong. But even if the governor had been a cow, it does not matter. The doubtful deal would still have gone through.   

    Over the years Bank Negara Malaysia has acquired a reputation because the top people in Bank Negara are being implicated in unscrupulous behaviour.  Here is a list:

    1. For example with regard to this 1MDB related land deal, the PAC has said  BNM board of directors did not carry out adequate due diligence. 
    2. Bank Negara already has the dubious record of being the subject of a Royal Commission of Inquiry.  
    3. Then one of its governors has been implicated with links to that RM65 million found in Singapore. 
    4. The other ex-Bank Negara character has been implicated with another RM85 million also stashed away in a proxy account in Singapore. 
    5. Malaysia Today has also written (with some accuracy) of another supporting-actress in Bank Negara who was in charge of the department which would have detected the kleptocrats huge funds inflows.  
    Yet nothing happens. Life just goes on.  Business as usual. So far no one has been charged or punished. 

    So what message does this "business as usual"  attitude project about Malaysia? When the politicians want to steal, go to Bank Negara Malaysia?

    Since 2018 the government has changed THREE times. The prime minister has changed FOUR times.  If the government does not  stop all this crap the government (and the prime minister) are going to keep changing.

    The almost total sweep of the GPS in the Sarawak elections recently does not benefit Putrajaya at all.  Sarawak is now solidly united while Putrajaya is weak, corrupted, weak, corrupted, weak and corrupted. No change. 

    The culprits were the Malay voters. Yes many of them do not care if the leaders are thieves. Bossku is a prime example. The sweeping win for UMNO in Melaka is another example. 

    But not all Malays are like that.  The number of Malay voters who are truly fed up with any government (BN, PH, PN, etc) is increasing tremendously.

    Ultimately for any prime minister to survive more than a year or two years in power or for any government to stay in office for a full term, they have to stop all this bullshit. The days of bullshitting are coming to an end. 

    The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.

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