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Thursday, December 30, 2021

MP urges govt to release renovation funds for flood-hit Tamil schools


Putrajaya has been urged to release the remaining RM7.98 million in school renovation funds for 2021 to flood-hit Tamil schools.

In a statement today, Kulai MP and former deputy education minister Teo Nie Ching said based on the Education Minister Radzi Jidin's reply in Parliament, the amount has yet to be claimed by Tamil vernacular schools.

Therefore, said Teo, the funds should go to the four worst hit schools are SJKT Pulau Carey Barat, SJKT Dengkil, SJKT Taman Permata and SJKT Ladang Selangor River.

Under Budget 2021, RM800 million was allocated for the maintenance of schools and learning centres under the Education Ministry's purview.

Of that amount, RM29.98 million was designated for Tamil vernacular schools. On Dec 15, Parliament was told that Tamil vernacular schools had only drawn RM22 million.

"I urge the Education Ministry to channel funds quickly to schools in need because there are only a few days left before the school term begins.

"The funds should be channelled immediately to reduce the burden of the community that depends on the schools," she said.

She said that many floods hit communities are already struggling with losses incurred, and they should not be required to bear the cost of repairing the schools.

Schools that wish to tap the maintenance fund must apply, and applications are approved on a needs basis.

Of the RM800 million, Chinese vernacular schools will have access to RM74.07 million, while Tamil vernacular schools will have access to RM29.98 million.

Should any of the funds be depleted, the schools can tap into a RM30 million "critical" fund. - Mkini

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