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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Selangor's ban on politicians teaching Islam is divisive, says PAS preacher


PAS leader Ahmad Dusuki Abdul Rani, who is also famous for his Islamic preaching, sees the Selangor Islamic Council's (Mais) decision to revoke teaching accreditation to those politically active as something that would only further widen the gap among Muslims.

The member of PAS central leadership claimed that such a ban would be divisive, besides making the enemies of Islam "to rejoice".

"The disunity we have among Muslims today would only be widened, and Muslims would not come together if such action is taken.

"Allah's blessings will not get to us when there is no unity.

"And clearly, the enemies of Islam would rejoice over this inside fighting among Muslims," Dusuki (above) told Malaysiakini.

Dusuki, who was accredited by Mais to preach on Islam in Selangor, was responding to the Islamic body's announcement yesterday that it is revoking accreditation for teaching on Islam to all political activists, effective Jan 1 next year.

Mais chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof had said that the decision was in line with the decree of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah barring Islam from being politicised and used as a political tool, especially in mosques and surau.

Mais chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof

An exemption has been given to whoever holds the Islamic affairs portfolio in Selangor, on the condition that any teachings on Islam do not include or touch on any political matters.

Commenting on the effect of the decision on PAS leaders, which is the group that seemed to be affected the most, Dusuki described it as a test from Allah.

However, he added, there are other ways they can continue to preach with the technology available today.

"Every test from God, there will surely be rewards.

"Dakwah works will still continue. There are many other ways in this era of technology. All of these will be seen by Allah," he said.

Dusuki also said that Mais should instead focus on enlivening the houses of worship to attract more Muslims to these places, so that they would not go astray.

According to him, Mais also should teach Muslims in Selangor about politics that is based on Islamic teachings.

"There is a difference between Islamic politics and secular politics, (there is a difference) between the politics that was taught by Prophet Muhammad SAW and the politics that are taught by enemies (of Islam).

"Teach the people about Islamic politics," Dusuki added. - Mkini

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