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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Anwar-Najib debate: Anwar says proper forensic audit needed before any bailout


KUALA LUMPUR: A total transformation is needed and not just reformation in order for Malaysia to move forward to become a high income advanced economy, said Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

The former prime minister said that it involves four main core aspects including a strong vibrant economy, political stability, sustainable corporate sector and social mobility.

He also believed that Sapura needed rescued as it could benefit the rakyat.

Earlier, the debate's moderator had asked Najib what was the implication to the country's economy and government especially, if this bailout fails.

"I view this issue as important. If it was not important, I would not have agreed to this debate.

"Why does Sapura need to be saved? Sapura is owned by the rakyat. The decision was made by Pakatan Harapan in 2019 for Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB) to take over. If it was not owned by PNB, I wouldn't be interested in debating," Najib said.

According to him, Sapura was once the second largest oil and gas firm in the world and are currently facing problems because of the industry's structure.

"If something is wrong in Sapura, of course, action needs to be taken, but don't let Sapura go bankrupt, if it does, the country and Malaysians will also lose out.

"We would lose another vehicle of international standard if nothing is done." he added.

Replying to Najib, Anwar said that the process should have begun with a forensic audit.

"To assume that everything is okay would not be right," he said.

"If we want to involve ourselves in this affair, carry out a forensic audit, find out if government intervention is needed or not. Go thorough the proper process," he added.


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