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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Kit Siang retired, I will debate Najib instead - Steven Sim

DAP lawmaker Steven Sim has counter-challenged former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak to debate with him.

This came after Najib challenged DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang for a debate in English.

Sim, who is a former deputy minister of youth and sports, said he was ready to debate with Najib in English, as requested by the Pekan MP.

“Najib wants to debate, I am on. It seems Anwar Ibrahim has managed to convert Najib to debate culture.

“I still remember when he was prime minister, Najib would always say debate was not a part of our culture. After debating with Anwar, he wants to challenge Kit Siang to a debate.

“I think it is not necessary for Kit Siang to receive (these proposals). He has already retired,” Sim said in a Facebook post today.

On May 12, Najib and opposition chief Anwar Ibrahim debated each other for the first time.

Yesterday, Najib proposed another debate with Kit Siang, claiming he was ready to debate at any time even though his schedule was packed with court proceedings.

Najib added that he was willing to debate Kit Siang in English.

Najib previously challenged Kit Siang to a debate in 2019, but the DAP veteran declined the invitation.

Meanwhile, Sim said if Najib was sincere in asking for a debate, he would take up the challenge himself and not send a representative. - Mkini

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