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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Saturday Lite : Tiger Spotted In Kemensah Heights : Developers, Loggers, YBs Please Take Note

 Great news. Wild tigers have been seen in Wangsa Maju / Kemensah area (which I believe are part of WP Kuala Lumpur).  The last time wild tigers were seen around cars, houses and near people was in Terengganu in 2019. 

Soon after there was a sizeable earthquake somewhere in Indonesia. Strange animal behaviour like this often precedes earthquakes and other natural calamities. 

Here is the news :


Friday, 20 May 2022

  • KL May 20 — tiger spotted in Kemensah Heights, Hulu Klang
  • security guard spotted the animal
  • spotted tiger on Jalan Tropika, Kemensah 3, 12.40am
  • contacted Selangor Wildlife to assist in tracking tiger
  • Wildlife started tracking tiger 4pm, without any success

My comments : Well the tiger was spotted at 12.40 am. The Wildlife guys started tracking the animal almost 16 hours later at 4 pm. In 16 hours the tiger could have caught the evening flight back to Sri Lanka (if it was a Tamil Tiger - just kidding). 

Some trivia : This map shows the Kemensah area (circled in yellow). The dark green to the right are jungles and wooded areas that stretch all the way to the Selangor-Pahang border.  (Thats where the tigers live). Once upon a time I searched this area to buy a kebun or tanah hutan to build a house. My wife and I simply love the wooded areas and the wildlife. Tapi tak jadi - there were too many Indons and Banglas hanging around the hutan there. I did come across a rather secluded 'stand alone' restaurant beyond Kemensah which had a sign in English that said 'Open by appointment only'. Local people may know this place. Dont know if it is still there.

Where there are tigers there must be jungle and plenty of trees. So the loggers may want to take note. Of course in Malaysia trees should be cut down. Get the Lebai fellows to baca doa first - to chase the tigers away. Or get that bomoh fellow to do some magic - it makes no difference. 

After the loggers have cut down the trees, the developers may want to grab the land for condos and apartments. May I suggest 'Tiger Heights Apartments'? Tiger Lane has already been taken up - in Ipoh. 

Then the all important YBs must get involved - otherwise the whole scheme may not work. I have the video here but I dont have the guys phone number:  


The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.

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