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Thursday, May 19, 2022

YOURSAY | Tajuddin’s appointment - PM values loyalty over merit


YOURSAY | ‘There are enough red flags raised concerning this appointment.’

MP tells govt to justify Tajuddin's appointment

'His excellency' Tajuddin makes Ambiga tear

OCT: In Malaysia, it is not about your character, conduct or intelligence that can secure the best job in the government.

All the important and juicy government and GLC (government-linked company) positions are reserved for their supporters who have made the prime minister happy.

It takes years of training to become a diplomat. He or she needs to be of impeccable and unblemished character. In this case, PM Ismail Sabri Yaakob has parachuted Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman to be our ambassador to Indonesia.

Tajuddin is a person with questionable conduct. His uncouth and undisciplined character doesn't fit the role of an ambassador.

It is going to be an embarrassment for both Malaysia and Indonesia. All this is the result of the PM's poor judgement.

BobbyO: The PM has proven time and again that he is not capable of leading this nation.

He has compromised his principles on numerous occasions. This is so as not to create any friction between his supporters from Umno, PAS or Bersatu to enable him to remain in power.

How can we forget the huge number of cabinet ministers and their entourage of secretaries that are costing millions of ringgit for Malaysian taxpayers to maintain?

Are we not burdened enough with most ministers not even being worthy of being appointed to their posts?

Now with this ridiculous choice of such an uncouth MP.

There are enough red flags raised concerning this appointment. The public will have to wait and see whether their interest and that of the nation are prioritised over personal loyalty to the PM.

Betul Malu Bukan Maluapa: Batu Kawan MP Kasthuri Patto is right as to why Ismail Sabri has to pick this uncouth man to be the ambassador to Indonesia.

Not only is this man uncouth, the stupidity and manner in which he handled crises during his term as Prasarana chairperson such as when two LRTs collided, are legendary. Who could forget his remark when he said the trains only "kissed”?

Why is Malaysia making all the wrong choices of appointments as though we have no other capable leaders in the country?

Annonnymousl: The PM makes Malaysia look like a country without talent and high-calibre people. Surely this is not the case. Appointing such a low-calibre person to be an ambassador makes a mockery of the country.

Tajuddin may be a staunch supporter of the PM when he jumped to the side of the then senior minister in PN, but to reward him with the position of an ambassador is a grave mistake.

GreenLlama0921: The prerequisites of a diplomat are someone with good communication skills, constructive and innovative thinking, a proactive approach to work and good decision-making skills.

How did our PM or foreign minister conclude that Tajuddin has the above skills? One can accept if he lacks the above but has a personality. That, too, is a zero.

Pro-Minority: Maintaining an embassy is not cheap as it involves spending not only on Tajuddin but the whole staff.

If it has to be worthwhile, an erudite person must be posted as he can carry himself well and also do research to get some business from the host country. Perhaps, he should find a way to settle the long-running maid problem.

During this lean time, the second in command in Jakarta can run the show for a while till our economy picks up. RM4:38 for US$1 is a lot to spend on anything.

Very Concerned Citizen: This clearly shows that the government do not have anyone else qualified for the post as all their potential candidates come from the same tree.

This appointment may be the shortest posting for this clown as he has only about 10 to 11 months to serve as elections will have to be called by the middle of next year.

ChineseMale70Plus: We Malaysians are extremely honoured to have Hermono as Indonesia's ambassador to Malaysia. He is a very cultured, dignified, intelligent person.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for our Indonesian friends. It looks like you are getting the opposite.

You will have a totally uncultured, undignified, unintelligent, uncouth, arrogant man as the Malaysian ambassador to your country. My deepest sympathies.

CitizenSaro: My boss told me decades ago that a first-class manager hires a first-class person as an employee, and a second-class manager will hire a third-class person.

What does the hiring of Tajuddin as ambassador say about the quality of the employer, aka PM Ismail Sabri? I cry for Malaysia. - Mkini

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