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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Another Lebai Rape Case - It Is Becoming A Pandemic


The following is taken from Permadu Malaysia :



  • Profesion pendakwah semakin tercalar walau kes ini belum terbukti bersalah
  • Jangan nanti masyarakat hilang hormat kepada agamawan
  • Polis reman 5 hari lagi ustaz kes rogol remaja 14 tahun, lapor Kosmo!
  • Perintah tahanan reman oleh Mahkamah Majistret Ipoh 
  • Sek 376 Kanun Keseksaan, Sek 14(a) Kesalahan Seksual Kanak-Kanak 2017
  • Polis percaya siasatan dapat dilengkapkan
  • laporan polis diterima dari mangsa rogol di Kuala Lumpur.
  • suspek 30-an direman Polis Kuala Lumpur empat hari bagi bantu siasatan
  • Suspek ditahan di (IPD) Kuala Selangor 18 Julai didakwa rogol remaja

My Comments :

These sexual crimes involving the lebai fellows seems to be approaching pandemic proportions. Every other day some lebai fellow is arrested for rape, sodomy, sexual assault etc. 

I really cannot be bothered if the profesion pendakwah semakin tercalar or not. The fact is (yes it is a fact) all over the world these lebai fellows seem to be possessed by some demons that cause them to behave in really dysfunctional ways. 

All over the world these lebai fellows get mixed up in all sorts of dysfunctional behaviour that is centered around VIOLENCE. It is always VIOLENCE. Their psychology is VIOLENCE.
Be it the Salafi, Syiah, Saudi Arabia chop head on Friday,  Taliban, ISIS, Deobandi, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood or the Arab lebai fellows fist fighting on TV - see hEre https://youtu.be/X6nTzAHg-rM. Their psychology is finely tuned towards showing cruelty, violence and wickedness towards their fellow human beings. They are always angry 24/7 at someone or at something. Just listen to their angry shouting and their loud tone of voice over the loudspeakers in your neighborhood.

But what hurts me most is the damage these fellows cause to the image of Islam, especially in the eyes of the non Muslims. With social media and the Internet the non Muslims are instantly informed of all the weird and mindboggling behaviours of these lebais.

There is (correction : there must be) an underlying problem that afflicts the thinking and the psychology of all these lebais. There must be a common factor. The answer lies in their indoctrination that they have the right and the authority to interfere in the rights and in the personal space of other human beings. And if they dont like what they see in the private, personal and individual lives of other human beings they feel they have the right to use FORCE (aka VIOLENCE) against other people.

This is their basic problem. Their profession, their psychology, their rice bowl and everything else revolves around their indoctrination that they have the absolute right to encroach into the rights and the private space of other human beings. And that they have the right to use FORCE (aka VIOLENCE) against other human beings who do not conform to their own SECT.  Because certainly theirs are sectarian beliefs.   
How does this connect to rape - you will be wondering. Well a lot of these rape cases and sodomy cases involving these lebais have taken place in the madrassahs, in religious training sessions and even even during religion based "treatment" sessions (aka bomoh sessions).  Places and circumstances where the lebai fellows control the environment and hold tight control over their victims. They feel they have a right to encroach upon the rights of their victims.
The lebai rapists rarely hide behind a tree to pounce on their unsuspecting victims. In most of these cases the victims are known to the lebais, they are students in some classroom environment  or subordinates etc.  

The other fact is (yes this is a fact) the numbers of these cases are obviously increasing. Every other day there is a lebai fellow who rapes, sodomises or sexually assaults some young child.

From what I see nothing much is being done to study and try to stop this new wave of sexual crimes among the lebai - until it becomes a Police case.

This is where we need inputs from the psychiatrists, psychologists and sosial scientists to study and advise us what can be done to arrest this situation. Because for certain this is a psychiatric, psychological and sosial problem. This is not because of global warming, zionist conspiracies or "bloodsuckers" hoarding live chickens somewhere. 

I hope the Muslims in this country will take note. This is getting to be another 'Muslim' problem in this country. Dont worry about other countries. Your son, daughter or grandchild could be the next victim. Dont say I did not warn you.

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