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Sunday, July 31, 2022

YOURSAY | Yes, Tok Mat, nothing is impossible in politics


YOURSAY | ‘But you need to kick out all the thieves and kleptocrats first.’

Not impossible for BN to take back Penang in GE15 - Mat Hasan

Iphonezours: Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan, you are indeed right.

Anything is possible, including BN losing big at the federal level judging by Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s poor performance in managing the country, endless corruption, Umno infighting, incompetent ministers, etc.

Do remember that your win in Malacca and Johor state polls was not that spectacular despite they being BN fortresses. The 15th general election will not see any party or coalition win outright as the voters now are smarter in making their choice.

Kilimanjaro: Frankly, I don't think it is impossible for Pakatan Harapan to retake Putrajaya.

The stars are getting brighter and with the passing of the anti-hopping law, there is growing confidence among voters, and with the disenchantment with Umno in particular and BN in general, Umno cannot recreate the scenario as in the Malacca and Johor elections.

The factors that helped Umno/BN in those victories will have very much evaporated by the time the next general election is called.

While there is a lack of trust and confidence in Harapan, in the case of Umno/BN, it is not just the lack of trust but the fear that it will take us back to the dark days of the 1MDB era.

Just think of this - none of the Umno or the BN leaders has openly made a stand on corruption, particularly the 1MDB corruption saga. Umno simply is not capable of reprimanding itself.

And why do you think that people have lost faith in MCA and MIC? They were "yes" men and lackeys for Umno. They allowed Umno to bully them.

And that is the reason Umno and PAS "hate" the DAP - because they cannot bully the DAP. I think we all know that, don't we?

The Analyser: “Who is going to be the (chief minister) candidate is not important yet,” said Mohamad Hasan.

Everything about an election is important, and every voter has a right to know what the outcome of his/her vote will be.

All Malaysian political parties are negligent about revealing the consequences of a vote for them. It’s as though BN could not give a damn about what the rakyat think.

They just want the power to do whatever they want.

BlueFish0451: BN can kiss goodbye to Penang. Penang is catching up with Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This is the typical characteristic of a DAP state - striving for success.

Unfortunately, it is still within Malaysia and corruption remains a setback. Otherwise, it could progress even faster.

Give it another 10 years under DAP and it will become the second Singapore in this region.

Picture: If Umno becomes more inclusive and a lot less racist, then non-Malays might just return to BN. Umno, being the big brother in BN, needs to build bridges and people will then vote for them.

But building bridges takes time. It must also be sincere and from the heart.

Maybe the 15the general election is too soon to achieve that. If you are genuine, you can expect people to vote for you in the 16th general election.

You cannot yell at people one day and then play nice the next. Always remember the “rakyat” are the real boss and they are smart.

Milshah: I remember in the Johor elections, Foon Yew High School actually welcomed Najib. Despite many anti-BN commentary pieces in Malaysiakini, BN managed to win quite a number of Chinese-majority seats.

So, there is a contrast between the opinion of the commentators and that of Chinese voters.

I have said that Chinese voters are practical people. They see BN is going to win, and there will be no more frogs. They might as well vote for them.

But there are dreamers out there who say state elections are different from the general election. We shall see.

Rakyat 622: We Penang-lang do miss those times when we were given free food, goodie bags and drinks almost every night before the election day. In times like this, we can surely save up on our dinner.

Kindly bring back those good old times. However, please don't be disappointed if we vote otherwise. It is ridiculous that public funds can disappear via the IMDB but no one is held accountable and brought to justice.

9th of May: Tok Mat, kick out all the thieves and kleptocrats! Be fair to all citizens and practise meritocracy.

Then maybe, just maybe, your daydream may come true. - Mkini

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