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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Another Scottish Referendum In October 2023 : Will Scotland Break Away

 Well the long wait - until october 2023 - gives the British MI5 and MI6 ample time to do their skull duggery to fix things. Let me guess - strange things will happen in Scotland between now and October 2023.  First the news :


637 years ago the English invaded Scotland (for a short while) in 1385. Then 300 years later in 1707 the Scots and the English "united" to form the United Kingdom. It seems that even after over 300 years of the Union they still do not see a common interest. 

Will the referendum in October 2023 for Scotland to secede from the UK succeed ? We have to wait and see. But like I said the Brits will be up to all sorts of dirty tricks to swing things their way.  

But the damage has been done. The British (or rather the English) should just let Scotland go. And Northern Ireland too. They should pay damages and reparations to Ireland for the colonisation of Ireland and for the war crimes committed against the irish during the brutal Irish War of Independence (1916).  After that England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland can 're-unite' and create a 'British Union' - like the European Union. With free movement of people and free trade. And let their people find their own level of comfort with each other. Dont listen to the politicians.

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