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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

YOURSAY | The tip of PAS spear in culture war against ‘others’


YOURSAY | ‘I don't expect Hadi to be charged or detained.’

Bukit Aman probing Hadi over remarks against non-Muslims

More reports lodged over Hadi's 'corrupt non-Muslims' remark

Hadi's 'instant noodle' jibe makes him look like court jester, says Penang DCM

Faustus: The time is now perhaps opportune to take PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to task over what could be perceived by some as his emotional and psychological bullying.

It should be worrying for a multicultural nation’s reputation and good name intentionally for an individual such as him with religious credentials and also with a current appointment as a special envoy of the government internationally to potentially sully the nation’s good name.

His official government position could be reviewed with the possibility of removing him from it.

It should be also worrying if his recklessness against peaceful co-existence and harmonious race relations in a multicultural nation could be speculated as a crime against humanity in such a national setting.

IndigoKite6964: If the enforcement agencies do not act against Hadi for causing disharmony among the population and criminally defaming an entire segment of the population, then both Hadi and the current government must be prepared for the repercussions that will ensue.

The law has to be applied fairly. This kid-glove treatment of Hadi is not only a cause for concern among Malaysians but also among potential investors in Malaysia's economy. Some of his diehard followers will believe every word he says.

He is therefore a very dangerous person indeed. PAS is a party of religious extremists and completely racist. Umno/BN is a party that is completely corrupt and behaves like a criminal organisation.

Meanwhile, Perikatan Nasional is also a corrupt, racist and religiously extreme coalition that subverted the people's choice of a government in the 14th general election.

The next general election must be another unprecedented GE. There is no other way out for Malaysia.

Apanama is Back: Again and again, I say, ignore Hadi because he and his party days are numbered. Of course, the press needs to give him some space just to be fair to him.

Treat him as a clown if you want. Oops... I should not insult the clowns. They may come after me. Thus, ignored him.

Always remember one thing, besides the late PAS leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, almost all the PAS leaders' statements need to be ignored and all of these people are attention seekers.

What do they know about government administration, the economy, science and technology? Zilch.

OCT: I don't expect Hadi to be charged or detained. He holds the key to keeping Ismail Sabri Yaakob in power.

Investigation is one thing and prosecution is another. The rakyat will hear lots of excuses like, for example, his words were taken out of context and cases such as this are very delicate and sensitive and thus takes a long time to conclude.

However, if you are from the opposition, a case like this will be investigated and the person charged super-fast.

Maya: This man is just a waste of our time. There is nothing he says is of any benefit to the people. When one goes on speaking nonsense and trying to pick on something to better one’s own self-interest, he is gaslighting.

The other thing about him is that, as a party leader, he does not try to work with his people to improve and lift them out of poverty. He does not have any conception of why he is a politician and why people have voted for him.

The other thing is that the political parties who rope him and his party in are desperate to stay in power. That gives him and his party a great platform and the freedom to say all sorts of things and get away with them.

Like the remarks he made about the corruption of non-bumis and non-Muslims, which would have been seen as seditious, only if it was made by an opposition politician or party.

MarioT: These people should be extinct by now. Their thinking is so clouded that they contradict themselves. They want to introduce the Neolithic period in the 21st century.

When religion and politics are combined in the administration of the state, there is much confusion and conflict in implementing policies where the interests of both Muslims and non-Muslims are taken into consideration.

When religious leaders try to impose their thinking and secluded way of life on everyone, then the cosmopolitan existence of our country is seriously threatened.

According to Indonesian President Joko Widodo, politics and religion are a bad mix and he encourages secularism in the largest Muslim country in the world.

These so-called religious leaders here can learn a lot from this wise man who governs one of the largest countries in the world.

Mamula Moon: Hadi, stay strong. This is a test from Allah.

I am sure that in time the police will see that your wise and truthful words were misquoted and twisted by the enemies of Islam who are fearful of the truth you speak.

Quo Vadis Malaysia: Nowadays, it’s hard to tell which comments are tongue-in-cheek/sarcasm and which are not because there is so much insanity going around now.

See how a proven thief is being put on a pedestal as if he is a great man. - Mkini

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