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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Jho Low allegedly photographed in Shanghai Disneyland


Fugitive businessperson Low Taek Jho, or Jho Low, was allegedly photographed in Disneyland, Shanghai on Christmas eve 2019.

This was according to journalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope who launched a campaign to unravel more on Low right after former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak was jailed.

According to the duo's YouTube video today to update on the campaign, they claim to have received many tip-offs that suggest Low has been laying low in China in recent years.

"For me, this photograph captures a lot of things about Low... It is almost a bit disappointing. (We) are chasing this guy who is thought to be a mastermind, money launderer, fraudster or whatever.

"You might think he will be in a James Bond’s lair somewhere but in fact he's just wandering around shopping malls, sitting in Shanghai Disneyland and he's always got his many phones. He's playing them like a piano," said Hope.

Although the man in the photograph looked remarkably similar to Low, Malaysiakini cannot independently verify Wright and Hope's claim.

Fugitive Jho Low

The duo postulates that Low was held in China because of the risk of him divulging embarrassing information about China's involvement in Najib-era belt and road projects in Malaysia.

China has repeatedly denied allegations that they were harbouring Low.

Chasing Jho Low

Wright and Hope, who have been chasing Low's story in connection to the 1MDB affair since 2015, said their subject was currently living in China with his wife and two kids.

"He's kind of living a strange domestic life in China while at the same time trying to negotiate these international settlements," added Hope.

Low had allegedly offered to pay the Malaysian government RM1.5 billion as part of a settlement to drop charges against him. Putrajaya had rejected the offer.

He is also facing several criminal charges in the US.

Meanwhile, Wright said future videos will discuss Low's present entourage, which includes "legendary" characters involved in the 1MDB affair.

Journalist Tom Wright

"Who are the people who facilitate him? How is he able to move money around? Who are the cutouts that he uses to access the international banking system? He can't open an account and use US dollars, euros or any other normal currency.

"What role is he playing in China's geopolitical strategies? Has he got any role there or is he just an embarrassment now?" said Wright, as part of a preview for future videos. - Mkini

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