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Friday, December 2, 2022



Sometimes people misjudge a straightforward person as being impolite or impatient. But really keeping it simple and honest is actually a great thing! 

Straightforward people love people but they do not love them too much. To love them more, you have got to love them less. It is one thing to shower people with love but at a certain point it is damaging. People can be so loved that they are ruined. This is not healthy for you or anyone. Straightforward people get it. They want to empower people and teach non-dependence. They will toughen you up in the best hard love way.

They speak honestly. If a sensitive person is offended by the truth it is not because it was offensive. It is because the truth sucks to hear. Not just for sensitive people, but for everyone. It is how we process information that separates people who get better and those that stay complacent. 

They are so honest; it is refreshing and actually humorous. To call out the white elephant in the room is awesome. Otherwise, it is awkward. Some people like to beat around the bush but why not get to freedom sooner than later? Communication is awesome!

They are blunt and speak of things in the heat of the moment. The only time when it matters to say something at all! Sometimes it is because it is fueled by sheer passion and excitement. And sometimes this can be too much for people to handle but the best way to get a point across is at that moment that it matters, not when everyone has gone home and the moment is gone.

They cut to the chase. The faster you get to your point, the better. Ask questions, if you want answers. No need for speculation and wonder. Straightforward people do not walk around with a bunch of baggage and unfinished business.

They live in the now; not the past or the future. They do not spend time day dreaming about “what ifs.” They do not like small talk or day dreaming. They are after progress and they know moving forward requires understanding current realities.

They shoot it straight. They make things happen. They know that there are no roadblocks, only detours. When you are alive and aware … asking questions, communicating ... you are likely to move along further than others that get stumped too quickly.

They do not function in a box. They are not constrained by lines. They operate their life outside of the box. They do this for survival, not just for the sake of being different. They colour outside of the lines because they know that even dire mistakes can have triumphant endings. It takes a mighty strong person to see what needs to be done or said and to do it no matter what the consequence.

Straightforward people wear their heart on their sleeve and hope you would too. They do not believe in secrets, they do not like hoarding information. They speak what they know. This makes life so much easier.

They embrace honesty. They are tough and resilient. They do not take things personally. They have let themselves become comfortable with rejection so that it does not hurt, it helps.

They tell people what they do not want to hear. They are not afraid to hurt people’s feelings to help them if it is for their own good. They are like coaches pushing you when you are stuck.

They have a certain finesse, getting other people to tell the truth. They have learnt how to translate this to certain personalities in different ways. At the end of the day, the truth is hard to handle and delivering the truth is an art.

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