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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, June 29, 2023

A year of savings for Myanmar man to perform Aidiladha sacrifice


Meat to be distributed following a ‘korban’ or sacrificial ritual held in conjunction with Aidiladha today.  (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: Mohd Abdullah, a Muslim from Myanmar, would set aside a small portion of his daily earnings in hopes that he would have saved enough money to perform his sacrificial rituals come Aidiladha.

After saving over a year, the 36-year-old vegetable trader managed to put together some RM10,000 so he could purchase a cow for the sacrificial slaughter today.

“I bought the cow for RM10,000 using the money I had saved over a year. I put aside some money every day,” he said, according to Harian Metro.

“If I earned RM60 in a day, I would set aside RM10. But if I earned more than that for a day’s work, then I would save a bit more.

“A month before Hari Raya Aidiladha, I broke open my savings box and counted the money. I managed to save RM10,000.”

The migrant worker was among those who joined the Aidiladha sacrificial rituals at Kampung Selayang Lama in Kuala Lumpur today, organised by Humanitarian Aid Selangor and the Malaysia Institute of International Islamic Cooperation (Ikiam).

More than 100 Myanmar Muslims, Rohingya refugees and Malaysians took part in the sacrificial slaughters, which involved 80 cows.

Rafik Shah Ismail of Humanitarian Aid Selangor said he was proud to see the three different communities taking part in the ceremony, and hoped that programmes like this would foster closer ties among fellow Muslims.

Ikiam honorary secretary Razali Latif said Malaysian Muslims should consider these Myanmar and Rohingya Muslims as examples, praising them for saving up money to perform the sacrificial ritual. - FMT

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