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Thursday, June 29, 2023

YOURSAY | PM unprofessional for snubbing Syed Saddiq

YOURSAY | ‘Send your reps if you are too busy to meet the youth leader.’

In open letter, Muda claims to be sidelined by PM, Harapan

Apanama is back: Pakatan Harapan has apparently not entertained even a simple meeting with Muda. And PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail even said he has no time to read their letters.

While one can use the fear factor of Perikatan Nasional (PN) or PAS to justify compromising on fully implementing reformasi policies, denying Syed Saddiq’s request for a simple meeting is a big ‘no-no’.

It is not professional at all for Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim or Saifuddin to shy away from meeting Syed Saddiq.

If both are too busy, they should ask their subordinates, who are not too busy, to meet and collect information from Syed Sadiq. At least this can be done instead of keeping the former youth minister in the dark.

Anwar and Saifuddin, do you need to treat a youth this way while you, PM, go around the universities to chat with the youths?

Chatting with university students, the PM has ample time, but he does not seem to have time for a simple meeting with Syed Saddiq. You seem to be a very busy PM. Excellent, my dear prime minister!

While Muda could win nothing, not a single seat in the coming six state elections, they need to go solo indefinitely, for the foreseeable future.

According to history, PKR, in its poorest performance, won only one parliamentary seat - held by Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail in Permatang Pauh - during the 11th general election (GE11) in 2004. Now, the party’s president is prime minister.

And DAP’s Chong Eng, who held the Batu Lancang state seat in Penang was the sole opposition member in the state legislative assembly in 1995. Now, the party dominates the assembly with 19 seats and has held the chief minister post for 15 years.

Therefore, Syed Saddiq and Muda, do not give up. The future looks good for your party if we follow the trend of PKR and DAP. It all depends on the voters. People do change and one day the change will favour you too as what happened to DAP and PKR.

Muda, you need to persevere. By the way, your open letter’s content and what this Madani government is doing are public knowledge. Promote this in your campaign trail.

I prefer PN not to win too many seats in the coming polls, but if it does, it should be a good lesson to this fragile federal government. Someone needs to teach them a lesson or two.

Finally, I agree with Syed Saddiq when he accused the government by saying: “The list of false promises is never-ending.”

Kalu: Kudos to you Muda president Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman and your youthful following for your declared support of multicultural unity and commonality of interests for national development.

There are many narrow-minded and needy youths who need to be made aware of your enlightened convictions.

But aren’t you fellows overreaching prematurely and putting a wrench in the works of a struggling federal government by contesting against those with similar aspirations as yourselves?

You would gain much by way of reputation and impact if you narrow your contest to areas where PAS and Bersatu are domineering in their persuasion.

Go contest in Kelantan, Terengganu, and Kedah in a focused manner with your new vision for a better Malaysia.

Whatever the outcome of your electoral contest, you would be making some meaningful inroads into the minds of the youth and be recognised hereafter for your dedication to following your professed convictions.

May you be more than only a ‘tale full of sound and fury’.

BlueHorse9150: You all need to understand the political strategy. It is not about who you like or who you support. It is a numbers game.

The reality is that Harapan does not want Muda to join them, especially their youth wings. Muda will complicate seat allocations and in GE15, they already contested seats that were traditionally meant for Amanah. However, they (Muda) lost those seats.

In Harapan’s view, Muda adds no significant value other than causing more internal bickering among the coalition and among the youth wings.

Muda appears to be slowly becoming irrelevant and thus, the party has no choice but to go head-on against Harapan. If Muda could win some state seats, good for them. They would then have some credible value.

If Harapan and BN win seats and Muda fails in getting one, there is no harm done but Muda will continue to be perceived as irrelevant, or worse, it would be deemed like Pejuang, which lost all its deposits.

If PN wins because Muda splits votes between them and Harapan, the party of youths would be deemed a threat. This is not because Muda can win. It would be deemed a threat because it will then be seen as a roadblock to Harapan/BN’s victory.

However, this scenario could also make Harapan work with Muda in the future, instead of going against it. Muda’s going solo in this state elections may be its political survival. You may not like Muda for this, but this is politics. To a certain extent, they have no choice.

Just a Malaysian: Muda, please reconsider your action. We can understand and sympathise with your predicament. We cannot understand why PKR is so cold towards Muda. But cutting the nose to spite the face is not statesmanship.

The government must stop discussing Mahathir allegedly financing Muda to destroy Harapan. This is very destructive for Muda and may help bury the party for good.

Stay out of this dirty fight now, please. Rally your youth to go around and promote progressive candidates in the government.

Do it for nothing but to build your principles on good and progressive governance. People will respect and admire you. You are all young and will definitely outlive all those old turkeys in politics. - Mkini

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