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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, June 30, 2023

YOURSAY | We don't need fashion advice from Hadi


YOURSAY | ’I don’t need your criticism and I certainly don’t want your compliment.’

Hadi lauds non-Muslims who dress with ‘dignity’

Mazilamani: Going back to the 20th century, how were our ancestors attired then? Were they not decently dressed then?

I come from a village where the women in the 1950s tied or knotted the upper end of their sarongs just above their chest, exposing a greater part of their legs.

We felt they were decently dressed. There was no room for foul thoughts because that is how much we respected them as ladies.

I once saw a disoriented lady parading naked on the main road at Kepong. I saw a driver stopping his heavy-laden lorry, taking off his long-sleeved shirt, and buttoning it up for her.

That was a human being who felt for another fellow human being.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang should fight his political war with his opponents based on matters relating to the national interest, along with progress, development, stability, unity, and prosperity.

He should not talk about dress codes and dignity while condemning another party.

Leave the polemics to the ordinary citizens. We picked you and your party members to deliver good services for the rakyat.

The people will remember you for your service and not your judgements.

Man on the Silver Mountain: Hadi is talking rubbish. There are bad Muslims as there are good Muslims regardless of what they are wearing, which is external.

This applies to all people of different religions too. There are always the good ones and the bad ones.

If you arrest people based on the clothes they wear, of course, they will wear what you force them to wear. That nevertheless does not reflect the purity of their hearts.

You can have your personal clothing preferences, but how are you going to enforce your preference on others?

When Hadi talks about this, it only tells us what PAS will do if they form the federal government. People can expect no freedom in religion or even the way they dress.

Vijay47: Hadi, I find it extremely offensive and repulsive that a person of your mentality would dare comment on the way I dress.

I don’t need your criticism and I certainly don’t want your compliment.

You do not have any quality whatsoever to pass any judgements on the teachings of my religion.

If this is an attempt by you to enjoy some damage control and conceal your years of disgusting comments, especially in a multi-religious country, you may earn some small measure of acceptance if you crawled and begged forgiveness from every single non-Muslim in Malaysia and many of the Muslims also.

Siva1967: First, the definition of dignity differs from one to another. First and foremost, your attire is not Malay attire, to begin with.

It is not Islamic attire as well. It’s an attire mainly worn in the sandy desert regions in the Middle East and worn by both Muslims and non-Muslims there.

And when Malaysians do not complain about your attire, who are you to comment about what others wear, especially non-Muslims in this country?

For one to comment on these things only goes to show that you are not able to control your wandering eyes and only interpret one’s attire with a sexual connotation.

These are very worrying traits, especially coming from someone who claims he is a religious leader.

Gerard Lourdesamy: So everybody in the West is indecent because of what they wear? What about the Muslims in those countries who dress similarly? Are they murtad (apostates) now?

Please issue a manual. There is nothing wrong if non-Muslims want to wear shorts in their own homes, offices, or business premises.

How does that affect Muslims? We are not yet a Taliban state.

Perhaps Hadi wants us to become one. That is why Perikatan Nasional must be rejected in the state elections. They are racists and religious fanatics.

Plain Old Malaysian: Please be humane. It’s torture for some people to see the skin of a lady. The mental anguish they suffer from controlling their dignity is sometimes beyond their control.

Any skin exposed above the knees drives their imagination into overdrive. This may force them to show their level, or absence, of dignity. So do dress “humanely” and with “dignity” to help these people suffer less.

Let us normal people be sympathetic to these hopeless people. Oops, I mean helpless people.

Picture: Malaysia is a multi-racial, multi-religious society. Tolerance is key. Empathy is key. Respect for each other is key. Understanding each other is key.

Give and take is the key. Promoting peace and harmony is super key! We all have to ensure we progress together. Stop all divisive rhetoric.

PurpleHawk0187: Why is he so fixated on other religions? Who gives him the right to dictate to those not under his purview?

His comments are always negative and controversial. It is time the authorities take action against his disharmonious “preaching”.

IndigoKiwi9570: What the non-Muslims wear is none of your business. You just make sure you don't ‘ponteng’ Parliament sittings as my tax money is used to pay your salary!

While you are at it, put your brain to good use to think of policies that will benefit the rakyat.

We don’t need your fashion ideas and we are sick of the DAP bashings. For once, enough of your bigoted statements, it’s just sickening! - Mkini

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