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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Put aside ego, interests to build a strong nation, says PM

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim today called on Malaysians to set aside ego and the interests of relatives and family for the sake of building a strong nation regardless of race, especially in helping the weak and marginalised.

Citing the story of the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim, his wife Hajar, and his son Prophet Ismail in showing obedience to Allah, Anwar said it forms the basis of confidence in upholding trust and fulfilling the aspirations of the nation’s future generation.

“This is our determination and promise. Together, we unite and move forward toward a nation that is developed, prosperous, and compassionate to its people.

“To Malaysians who are performing the haj in the holy land, I pray for a blessed haj and a safe return journey home,” he said in his Aidiladha message via a post on Facebook.

Anwar said on the 10th of Zulhijjah every year, Muslims all over the world perform sacrificial worship in commemoration of the holy sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim and his family.

“Amidst scarcity, in a dry and uninhabited land, it is still fertile, showered in faith and love and the sincerity of the soul as commanded by the Almighty.

“It is this sacrifice that is the basis of a holy struggle to restore the dignity of the people and guarantee justice for all,” he said.


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