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Friday, June 30, 2023

Saifuddin Nasution This Is Disgusting. Your Fellow Minister Says Your Jabatan Is Corrupted

 This is clear evidence that this Madani gomen IS SIMPLY NOT FUNCTIONING. The Minister of Tourism is making point blank accusation that the 'jaga KLIA' fellows are corrupted.


Memang pun this is old news. These fellows are famous for their corruption. But that was before - under the rule of Zaman Mahazalim dan Mahafiraun, under UMNO-BN and all the other crap. That is why UMNO-BN  lost the elections and they were thrown out.

But this is the new Madani gomen. Saifuddin Nasution is now the new Madani Minister of Home Affairs. 

So Saifuddin Nasution, what are you doing?

Correction : What are you going to do about this.   

Please do something drastic brother. We are 100% behind you. Take drastic action and the people will support you fully.

Saifuddin Nasution : transfer out ALL the officers not only at the KLIA but at every international airport, at every Thai border crossing and at the Singapore crossings.

Just transfer them out. If necessary send them to Pulau Sebatek.

All appointments to the airports and the border crossings must be temporary - not more than 12 months. Unless the officer shows good and professional conduct. If they are professional (with no complaints from the public) then they can stay longer.

Please look into the points raised by the Minister of Tourism and take disciplinary action against the officers involved, especially the fellows who asked for money from the foreign tourist.

Malu bro. This is disgusting. The Madani gomen is not functioning.

One last thing - may I suggest you change the name of that jabatan.  It may force them to wake up.

 p.s. What happened to online betting syndicates protected by politicians?  

Saifuddin, do something bro.

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