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Thursday, June 30, 2011

‘All is OK, boss’ when it actually isn’t

How is any 'regular' Malay youth going to get a housing loan for RM220,000 for homes in the 'famed' Sungai Besi plot? asks a former Umno assemblyman.


Why has the Bersih rally rattled Umno and provoked Perkasa? Whose self-interest has been threatened?

Umno and the government are handling the Anwar Ibrahim case foolishly. The manner by which Umno is handling the Anwar case is a reflection of the gutter level thinking of Umno thinkers.

Anwar is already doomed. His chances of becoming prime minister are almost non-existent now.

Which citizen wants a prime minister who spends 90% of his time countering allegations of sexual misconduct.

Anwar is already a damaged good for prime ministership. Whatever he has gone through has sufficiently reduced his credibility as a leader.

But despite this he remains lucky because, like Zaid Ibrahim aptly put, Umno is leading his case.

Imagine this. With Anwar in jail, how will Umno justify its existence in people’s minds?

Having said that, the next general election will be probably the worst Umno has ever experienced. If I am wrong, great! But thus far my prophercies have been accurate.

If Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is saying that he will be fielding “many young faces”, then it is a good statement because the old foggies who have been in power forever are racing to make hay while the sun shines.

And because they know the sun is setting, the race is getting increasingly tight.

People are aware

Many of them have forgotten that it is the people who determine the rise and fall of Umno.

The people will determine this based on their now increased awareness (of the political and socio-economic situation in the country).

Umno leaders should not assume that the people do not know that the political environment had changed massively.

Umno’s arrogance has been the primary reason. It has distanced itself from the ground.

Take, for instance, the latest morsel of gossip making its rounds.

The people are talking about the US$120,000 handbag and how the son of an ex-premier indulged his wife with a RM750,000 handbag!

Here and there people are talking about the flow of tears against the brilliance of diamonds for the “privileged Malays”.

The mainstream media do not tell you about this. They just give you happy stories.

Because they dish out cheery stories, you don’t get to read about how government land in Sungai Besi was transferred to company X for “zero cost”.

Not cheap homes

If there was “zero cost”, then the cost should have been transferred to the people in the form of cheap housing.

But the “affordable” house they will now sell is priced at RM220,000.

This is not cheap housing. Now it will be different if they were building PPRT (hardcore-poor housing scheme)homes.

At RM220,000 which Malay youth can get a loan to buy the house?

Because once they buy the house on that “famed” Sungai Besi plot to be developed by 1MDB, they will have to buy a car to commute to work. Now they will have to pay a housing and car loan!

Such sensational news is viewed with suspicion by the people. But the leaders don’t seem to realise this, hearing only their own rhetoric.

In addition, the mainstream media is busy drumming up sweet melodies fit only for the blinkered Umno diehards whose daily mantra is “all is OK boss”. But in the end, it is the boss (Najib) who is KO-ed.

This excerpt is from the writer’s sakgmongkolak47 blog. The writer is an FMT columnist

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