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Thursday, June 30, 2011

On with BERSIH 2.0...

This is unprecedented...totally unprecedented! It would seems to me that in matters political it is now the Chinese and the non-Malays that are leading the way. It is the Chinese and the non-Malays that are being arrested and being harassed by PDRM. It is the Chinese and the non- Malays that are highly visible and courageous in putting their physical self in the line of fire and earning the wrath of the BN government!

And what moves me is to see our young people in the fore front of these activism. Our young people are facing the Police without fear or the sense of being intimidated. Our young people will not be moved nor cowered by the bullying tactics of the Police and the threats of reprisals and retributions from the BN government.

Where are the Malays?

This Bersih 2.0 rally is shaping up to be the rallying point for the Chinese and the non-Malays to once and for all to become pivotal in ensuring the tipping point for political change will not only come from the Malays but from ALL Malaysians. If they succeed then UMNO can no longer depend on the Chinese in MCA and the Indians in MIC nor the people in Sabah and Sarawak to keep them in power! Think of it! UMNO knows that in the last election it was not the Malays that had kept them in power but the non-Malays. If Bersih 2.0 becomes a positive reality it will surely send a shiver of anticipation and reality down UMNO's spineless spine that the end is nigh!

Where are the Malays?

It would seems that the more visible Malays are fighting a rear guard action for UMNO and BN! They are the one issuing empty threats of impending doom - death and physical intimidation - to those that dare to rally around Bersih. For it would seems to these Malays the rallying of these non-Malays around Bersih signifies an attempt by these non-Malays to take Ketuanan Melayu away from the Bumiputras! Always these Malays talk about their rights but never their responsibilities!

Never their responsibilities where the strong should take care of the weak. Where the have should share what they have with the have nots. Where the rights of anyone, once given Malaysian citizenship, should be the same as any other citizens in Malaysia. There are no second class citizens, no privileged citizens no first among equals. All should be equal in fact and in the eyes of the government. These responsibilities they choose to ignore because it serves their purpose to do so.

For their purpose is to maintain power and their insidious hold over this country of ours. Their purpose is to continue their strangle hold over all Malaysian so that they can continue to pillage and plunder our country.

We know that they have the means to do so. We know but we are not intimidated nor will we be persuaded to abandon our struggle to ask for what is really our right to live peacefully, decently and with dignity in a place we already call our home.

Let us now watch what the BN government will do to stop us. Whatever means they have at their disposal will be launched without any compassion to intimidate and inflict physical and mental harm on their own people. We are already familiar with these tactics. The visuals of PDRM Riot Squad units wading into crowds of demonstrators wielding their batons with practised skills and the sickening sight of many riot squads goons converging on one demonstrators and raining blows on this hapless and defenceless demonstrators is too familiar and too often seen by us and everyone else in the world on YouTube. And while our senses are numbed by the brutalities of our own government we all still watch these images with a feeling of shame at the inhumanity of men against men. But with shame also comes anger and a hardening of our resolve to fight against this evil BN government that now rules us!

What UMNO knows now is that there are too many Malays who can now think for themselves. Too many Malays who decided that what is good for UMNO is not neccesaarily good for the Malays. And there are enough Malays who will do something about this abuse of UMNO's rsponsibilites towards their own people. These Malays will be with Bersih 2.0 and will rally with the non-Malays to do what is required for positive change to happen in our country.

We hope that this Bersih 2.0 rally will focus and crystallized all that is good and positive within the people of this country and to enable this force to maintain a steady but sure momentum towards victory against the BN government in the coming 13th general elections. We start now!

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