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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pakatan ceramah in Bangi disrupted by 'thugs'

A Pakatan Rakyat ceramah in a community hall in Pekan Bangi, Selangor was disrupted on Monday night by a group of alleged stone-throwing thugs.

NONESerdang MP Teo Nie Ching (right) said in a press release that the incident happened at about 11pm when PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu took the stage.

Teo, who was among the speakers at the event, said that a group of about 30 people started pelting stones and taunting the security detail at the event.

This resulted in the windows of one vehicle being damaged.

Contacted for details, Serdang PAS division deputy chief Mazwan Johar said there were no injuries.

He noted that apart from the car, other casualties included a big banner for the event and two PAS flags which were burnt.

Mat Sabu targetted

Fearing for Teo’s safety, as she was in her 29th week of pregnancy, PAS’ Unit Amal personnel bundled her into a car and sent her away.

“(They were) worried that the mob might do something crazy,” said Teo.

According to Mazwan, his men called in the police to handle the situation.

“The police parked their patrol car between us and the hecklers. After this, we sent a messenger to urge them to stop disrupting our event and they complied,” he said.

He said no police report was lodged on the incident because there were no injuries.

Asked to speculate on the cause of the ruckus, Mazwan said it might have to do with Mohamad, better known as Mat Sabu, taking the stage.

“Recently, a group has been out to cause provocation wherever he speaks. This happens more (with Mohamad) than with other leaders,” said Mazwan.

Jealousy another motive?

Another theory he offered was the fact that the event was organised by the Serdang PAS supporters’ wing and that it was well-attended.

He said that BN had launched a similar local outfit recently and the packed hall for the Pakatan Rakyat event could have triggered attempts to disrupt it.

The Pekan Bangi ruckus was the latest in a string of incidents involving alleged BN supporters disrupting Pakatan events.

On Saturday, a 200-strong mob - donning Umno and Perkasa T-shirts - pelted eggs and stones at a Pakatan function in Merlimau, Malacca.

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