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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rais: Nothing wrong for BN slogan for Merdeka Day

There is nothing wrong for BN’s election slogan “Janji ditepati” (Promises fulfilled) to be the theme for this year’s Merdeka Day celebrations, said Information, Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim today.

He said that the opposition parties could do the same as to let the people decide which coalition to support, claiming this to be a democratic system also adopted by many other countries.

“If the opposition feels that this is an election campaign slogan, I think that is nothing wrong for saying so.

“Just as the opposition also can say ‘we have done this, we have done this, and this is our promise’, this is also nothing wrong,” he said.

“This is normal. Singapore also does the same, Japan also does the same, as well as other countries,” said Rais at a press conference after attending his ministry’s excellence awards ceremony.

He was responding to the opposition’s criticism over the theme of the coming national independence day celebration.

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