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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Penang Umno turn SOUR GRAPES on Guan Eng's SHINY NEW MERC S300L!

Penang Umno turn SOUR GRAPES on Guan Eng's SHINY NEW MERC S300L!
Penang Barisan Nasional is 'baffled' with Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's (pic) new ride.
State opposition leader Datuk Jahara Hamid said she does not understand why the state government needed to buy a new Mercedes-Benz S300L for Lim when it had bought a Toyota Camry to serve as his official car.
"Why did the state have to get him another car, and a Mercedes on top of it? I think it is a waste of funds. This is not in the spirit of austerity," she said in a text message to the Malaysian Insider today.
Earlier today, Lim explained that the Mercedes was purchased following the state executive council's decision on November 20 that took into account the safety of state leaders.
He said the state bought the silver Mercedes-Benz S300L at RM298,263.75 without insurance, at a discounted and tax exempted price.
State finance officer Datuk Mokhtar Jait said the original price of the car was RM657,218, but the discount and tax and duty exemptions made the purchase value for money.
He also said as chief minister, Lim is entitled to use two Mercedes-Benz cars - a S400 and S300 - but he is only using one.
He explained that the state executive council had planned to buy 15 Mercedes-Benz cars, including for the state excos, instead of Toyota Camrys earlier this year.
However, it did not go ahead with the plan when the car supplier could not give a guarantee that it would take back the cars if the tax exemption for the vehicles was not approved.
Pulau Betong assemblyman Muhammad Farid Saad said it is "good for Lim" to usher in 2014 with a new Mercedes.
"He gets a new car at a discounted price. That's nice. The government gets to save some money.
"They said the car was purchased for Lim's safety on the road. If that is the case, shouldn't the other excos each get a Mercedes-Benz too? Be fair to them too," he said.
Farid said Lim just had to say so earlier that he was waiting for his Mercedes-Benz.
"There is no need to tell excuses, like the car supplier could not give guarantees and such.
"The tax exemption approvals are given by the Finance Ministry. There is no reason for the tax exemption application to be rejected when it is an entitlement for state government cars," he said.
Farid said Lim should not be a hypocrite who on one hand talks about cutting spending and saving money, but lets his administration spend money on a new official car for him on the other.
"When Lim first took over Penang in 2008, he talked about flying economy to save state money. It makes him look good when he is seen flying together with the public.
"But I have seen him using facilities for business-class passengers at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. That is when the people did not see him.
"Others may make fun of his CAT (competency, accountability, transparency) slogan, as cocky, arrogant tokong (deity). To me, he is cocky, arrogant and a hypocrite," he said.
Farid said while Lim criticised Putrajaya for price hikes, he had introduced higher land premium and development charges in Penang that contributed to higher property prices.
There are also water surcharges and the newly proposed RM2 and RM3 hotel room levy for all hotels from one star to above five stars, he said.
"Lim can do what he wants. The people can judge him," he said.
Before the arrival of the Mercedes yesterday, Lim had used the Toyota Camry when the car was delivered to the state, along with 14 others, on October 31. The Camrys cost RM113,500 each after tax exemption.
His Camry will now be used by state deputy speaker Datuk Maktar Shapee. - TMI

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