YOURSAY ‘If Abdul Gani had succeeded, it would have been a landmark case.’

AG's Chambers denies 'charge sheet' against PM

Pemerhati: Going by the fact that so far none ofSarawak Report’s exposes have been found to be wrong, the chances are that the news about axed attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail preparing a charge sheet against PM Najib Razak is most probably correct.

It looks like someone in the AG’s office or the special task force might have revealed to Najib the information about the charge sheet in the hope of getting a big financial reward from the PM.

The sudden and controversial termination of Abdul Gani’s appointment also gives credence to what is stated in the Sarawak Report. Najib’s action again confirms the fact that Malaysia is a false democracy or even a dictatorship.

Najib’s action brings to mind the incident in Congo where a judge, who found the dictator Idi Amin guilty on some charges, disappeared. Here the AG has been made to disappear from his office before he could allegedly charge Najib.

Malaysia has been a false democracy since Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s time. That means the PM can get the public servants, the enforcement agencies and the judiciary to do anything he wants them to do.

He uses a variety of techniques to do this. He uses blackmail and threat if the officer has previously done some wrong. If that is not possible, he promises rewards such as rapid promotions, lucrative contracts, etc.

We saw how Najib was able to get many judges to ‘turn the law upside down’ (to quote Abdul Aziz Bari) and come up with ridiculous verdicts as in the Perak constitutional crisis case and the Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy case.

He also frightened and paid the late private eye P Balasubramaniam to renege on his first and true affidavit and then leave the country.

Thus it would have been quite easy for him to get Attorney-General’s Chambers head of the prosecution division Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah and new AG Mohamed Apandi Ali to come up with a false statement regarding the charge sheet.

Even Abdul Gani, fearing for his safety or a jail sentence, may now lie and say that the charge sheet was not prepared by him or his office.

Odin Tajué: Tun Abdul Majid, how is it that you seem to know whether the charge sheet has or has not been made by you lot, whereas Apandi would have us believe that he does not know? He is, after all, the attorney-general. He must know.

The charge sheet has to do with a felony involving no less a person than the prime minister. Apandi must know about the matter.

If the charge sheet did not exist, in other words, it has not been drafted, he would have simply said so. The fact that he denied knowledge of it, and did so in a brusque manner, simply means that it does exist but he did not want to comment on it.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that Abdul Gani drafted the charge sheet himself and has kept the act to himself, and that is the reason Apandi is ignorant of it. If this is the case, then you have lied. You are only trying to cover up for Najib.

The whole problem with you lot trying to cover up for Najib is that you have become completely unable to come up with an explanation that is at least plausible, and never mind believable. The whole problem with you lot trying to cover up for Najib is that you obviously think that the people out here are all stupid.

Now to you, inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar. Your regurgitating of the unverified sources mantra reflects very well on the dubious quality of whatever matter it is that exists within your skull. Which party or parties verifying the sources of the various incriminating pieces of information or documents would you accept but yourselves?

And you all would, of course, say they are false, just as you all have claimed that the emails and whatever other documents published by the Sarawak ReportThe Wall Street Journal and The Edge were the tampered versions of the original, and that the incriminating pieces of information published by these parties were based on the tampered versions of the said items.

You and your fellow shameless, servile, sycophantic minions of Najib’s are even more disgusting than the dregs of society and the scum of the human race.

As for you, BN strategic communication director Abdul Rahman Dahlan, the fact that you have full belief in Ramesh Rao and Lester Melanyi is more than sufficient indication of your utter incompetence. Your title is ‘tragic’ communications director.

On a scale of 10, Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle Brown is at 9.5, whereas you are at -9.5. That is minus nine point five. Clear? That Umno has to rely on you clearly shows your party is more than desperate; it is devoid of anyone in possession of even a modicum of intelligence to do things right or to do the right things.

Ourvotesdecide: The facts and issues are very simple or straightforward. Did the said accounts in AmBank really belong to Najib? Was the said sum really transferred into the said accounts?

If so, where was the money from? And was the money withdrawn and if so, by whom? And for what purpose?

This is a simple case but for mysterious reason(s), was made unnecessary complicated by the investigators or task force members themselves as if they are completely illiterate or incompetence not knowing the law and procedures of their trade or profession. As investigators, their job is to call a spade a spade.

The task force members are all top Malay leaders of their respective institutions, namely, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), AG’s Chambers, Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) and Bank Negara.

Thus, they have a sacred duty to uphold or defend the honour of the Malay race and Islam by upholding the truth on this very serious allegation of alleged impropriety committed by the prime minister.

Anonymous #23123465: If Abdul Gani had succeeded, it would have been a landmark case. He would have become a celebrity in the legal fraternity. But he was unfortunately denied the honour. -Mkini