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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sorry Najib, you’re not the only PM to golf with Obama

YOURSAY | ‘On Jan 2, 2014, New Zealand PM John Key teed off with Obama in Hawaii.’
SRMan: PM Najib Razak's quip of "I am now on record as the only prime minister to be able to play golf with (Barack) Obama" implies the United States president thought, and is still thinking, more highly of him than his peers from Australia, Singapore or even Britain?
And he (Najib) seems much thrilled with this triumph 'achieved' at a time when a large part of our country was inundated by floods.
If he is so proud of this success, then perhaps we can now replace the well-known expression "Nero fiddled while Rome burned" with "Najib golfed while the country inundated".
Res Ipsa: Golf is an honourable man's game, on and off the course.
On the course, the moment you are caught cheating, your reputation is gone and fellow golfers will ostracise you thenceforth and it is highly unlikely for the errant golfer to get another chance to play with the group again.
It is also normal to see golfers self-declaring any infringement during a game and voluntarily taking the relevant penalty.
Now off the course, since the question of honour/honesty surrounding our PM is seriously in doubt due to the various misdeeds being reported and investigated globally including the US, I will bet my bottom dollar that Najib will never get another round of golf with Obama again.
So it’s best to just treasure the memories of the one and only round in Hawaii.
CQ Muar: Najib, you seemed exhilarated and exceptionally overjoyed that you were the only prime minister in the world to have the privilege to golf with Obama.
I can imagine how the world's top leaders must have envied you. But what makes you more outstanding are the fact that you are also the only top leader to be linked to a gruesome murder scandal, illicit commissions in the Scorpene submarines deal, the missing of RM42 billion in a national project in which you headed, and the unexplained and mysterious RM2.6 billion 'donation' which ended up in your personal accounts.
Sure, Malaysians are proud of your outstanding feats. We won't deny and dispute that, but along with the pride we are ashamed beyond words over those alleged crimes you had bequeathed to the nation.
Kalvin Rekhraj: Now is Najib ignorant or think that the Malaysian students in New York ignorant? On Jan 2, 2014, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key teed off with Obama in Hawaii. That was almost a year before Najib.
And we all remember what happened to the Malaysian ‘Air Force One’ that flew around the world during that period.
Come to think of it, Najib is the only PM in the world that has ever received a single donation amounting to US$700 million. A feat even Obama can't match.
The Rover: Indeed here’s the report by BBC:
“US President Barack Obama has played a round of golf with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key while on holiday in Hawaii. The two leaders - both on holiday with their families in the US Pacific island state - discussed their shared interest in the sport, the White House said.
“Also in the foursome at the golf course at a Marine Corps base in Kaneohe Bay were Mr Key's teenage son and White House aide Marvin Nicholson. At one point, Mr Obama gave Max Key a high five after the teenager sank a putt.”
Anonymous 759201436321741: When I read this claim by Najib, it gave me the goose pimples. How shameless can one get?
Vijay47: Najib, the only conclusion we can draw from your golf exploits is what a cheapskate you are. Does any world leader crow about such trivialities?
Not only that, you then put on your patriot hat and boasted about "I did it for Malaysia, I did it for my people".
Even Hindi movies do not have such sappy lines and we readers are having a really tough time trying not to puke.
Najib, maybe the next time you go to Hawaii you should do the hula-hula. With or without Obama.
God Save Us: Najib played a game of golf “for Malaysia and for the people”.
He received RM2.6 billion into his personal bank account “for Malaysia and for the people”. He praised the racially-charged red shirt rally “for Malaysia and for the people”.
Yes, he has made lots of sacrifices “for Malaysia and for the people”.
Anonymous #44199885: I am assuming by the term "my people", it refers to all Malaysians because at the moment you seem to be only representing a certain segment of the people.
In any case, can you please share the RM2.6 billion with us in Budget 2016?
Unspin: When Obama first became president in 2009, I read his book ‘The Audacity of Hope’ and came away quite impressed, especially after the tumultuous years of George W Bush.
In hindsight, Obama is too idealistic and it has come to pass that he is probably one of the weaker presidents that the US has had.
He is a lame duck who can only talk a good talk but failed in other areas that requires decisive actions - not unlike Najib.
The fact that he saw something good in Najib that all of us could not, sums up Obama as a poor judge of human character and who is only interested in being popular.
Birds of the same feathers flock together, isn’t it? -Mkini

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