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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Yes, Malaysians too poor to pay for high-speed Internet

YOURSAY | ‘Salleh, if people cannot afford high-speed internet then make it affordable.’
Sabahan: Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak, by saying that Malaysians cannot afford higher internet speed, he implied that the majority of Malaysians are poor.
Yet our PM in United Nations makes the proud claim that "Malaysia has, for example, reduced significantly the incidence of poverty from 49.3 percent in 1970 to 0.6 percent in 2014, while hardcore poverty has been eradicated. Mean household monthly income has increased more than 20-fold, from US$77 in 1970 to US$1,781 in 2014."
So who is correct? Salleh or the PM?
Asitis: Salleh, if people cannot afford high-speed internet then it is your job as minister to make it affordable.
Don't just take your minister salary (which by the way is paid by the poor people who cannot afford high-speed Internet) and give silly excuses for not doing your job and then spend time doing something else (like polishing your boss's boots).
ZhuGeLiang: Minister, this is not true. There is a saying, "Price is what you pay and value is what you get."
The question is, are we getting value for our money by paying too much for too little? Or to put it in another way, for the price that we are paying, should we not be getting a higher Internet speed?
The answer can be found by comparing with our immediate neighbours, Thailand and Singapore.
Anonymous_1426565266: Salleh, for your information, I paid for a 3G plan but gets 2G services, especially in many places in East Malaysia. Therefore it is your infrastructure problem; don't blame the lack of affordability.
Please get your facts right. Cities like Seoul are aiming towards giving free WiFi services. Be humble and learn from other developed countries instead of sitting in the cabinet wasting taxpayer's money by giving lame excuses for not being able to do your work.
Anonymous_1421806811: What a sub-standard reply from a minister. He probably got the answer from one of his staff who most likely gave him the simplest answer.
We expect a more professional answer, perhaps a simple comparison with other countries will show how much we are paying against services received.
Anyway, what do we expect from a man who got his job not because of his knowledge and capability, but his superb skills in apple polishing.
Boiling Mud: Do you know how stupid you sound when you say the people cannot afford higher speed Internet in Malaysia?
Our Internet speed rating is even lower than that of Sri Lanka, whose GDP is less than Malaysia’s.
Why don't you own up to the fact that the Malaysian public has always been given the short end of the bargain - that includes the quality of the ministers and their likes?
Anonymous Kingfisher: Indeed, Malaysia cannot afford to have a slow-speed minister who does not understand the digital era.
Anonymous_1419577444: Salleh, you are not supposed to go to Kedai Maxis to ask how much the Internet packages are so that you can reply to DAP leader Lim Kit Siang.
As a minister in charge of Internet, you are supposed to make sure that the country's telecom/Internet infrastructure is constantly upgraded to provide faster speed, negotiate with service providers to make them lower their prices, and promote the use of Internet to the masses.
That is what a minister should do and what Kit Siang meant. Weren't you given the powers to do so as a minister?
The Internet is not just about blogging. If we even have to teach you how to do your job as a minister, then you should resign so as not to embarrass yourself.
NNFC: Singapore's cost of broadband is much lower than ours. They have introduced a new fibre broadband plan with a download speed of up to 1Gbps which costs just S$49.90 a month.
What is the cost of Unifi? I think Telekom Malaysia (TM) should not be profiteering from the people.
Anonymous_1430119660: In economics, it's about economy of scale, so why not drop the price and allow more to use it?
Vijay47: Salleh, before you click "Submit", do you ever press "pause" and check to see whether your brain connection is online?
How is it that almost every time you open your oral portal, you invariably reveal that something is wrong with your mental service provider?
Our Internet speed is only about 20 percent of what is available in neighbouring countries and you scrape for desperate excuses.
What do you mean 71 percent prefer slower packages because faster access will cost more? You mean users cannot be given an option of speed and rates?
If cost were the only factor, we would still be relying on bullock carts and I am not referring to you. Which brings me to the next question - why are our Internet rates so high? -Mkini

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