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Monday, October 31, 2016

Speaker may be ‘elected’, but the choice lies with MO1

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YOURSAY | ‘Do you think BN MPs get a free hand when it comes to the election of the speaker?’
Gerard Lourdesamy: Gerakan Youth deputy chief Andy Yong, don't be naive. The speaker is elected by the House but nominated by the leader of the House, who is the prime minister.
Do you think that BN MPs get a free hand when it comes to the election of the speaker? They have to toe the line of the BN frontbench and vote for the person so nominated.
So, who needs a lesson in parliamentary practice now?
Malaccan: Yong is obtuse, deliberately ignoring the fact that the majority MPs belonging to BN could never reject a candidate nominated by the PM.
A Gerakan politician would know this by heart, given they have no say in major matters. Hence the 'appointment' of this non-member speaker.
But Yong's jump to the defence of his party's master will be noted and should gain him much-needed favour for five minutes, before he and his party are relegated back to inconsequence.
This speaker has been unashamedly partisan. Not satisfied with this, he tends to want to lecture others when his own conduct has been unworthy of his position. His incessant defence of his benefactor and the party has made him little more than a parliament whip of BN.
Roguekiller: Indeed, the speaker was elected by the House, but Pandikar Amin Mulia was not an elected representative of any constituency in the country, so why his presence in the House when he had no business to be there?
He is there because the PM wanted him to be the House speaker and BN MPs had no choice but to support him.
Fairplayer: Yong, you don't get the gist of Lim Lip Eng's double-edged lash-back at Pandikar?
Don't tell me you missed the message. MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) isn't a complimentary title. Get it?
Bazooka: Why did the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson Hasan Arifin commit a gross impropriety in broad daylight, thinking that what he did would not be discovered?
Deleting a sentence that has been collectively agreed upon is a dishonest act designed to cover up the criminal act of someone's.
After being discovered, the chairperson has lost the credibility to lead the PAC, but in Bolehland, he continues to head the committee. In developed countries, the chairperson would have resigned in shame.
Bornean: Indeed, what is the point for attending the PAC meeting when the chairperson can amend anything he likes?
Anonymous #40538199: Is there any parliamentary disciplinary against the PAC chairperson for unilaterally removing what has been agreed in PAC meetings from the PAC report on 1MDB, and intentionally hiding a crucial letter from Bank Negara from the PAC members?
What has the speaker got to say about such dishonest acts of the PAC chairperson? Are such acts not a disgrace to the House?
RM2.6 billion Turkey Haram: Hasan, Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua is an honest and serious person. When elected to do the job, he would brood no nonsense and would not undertake a task if he feels he can't do a good job.
He was played out by you once for deleting an all-important statement on the ownership of Good Star Ltd, and is now wary of your next move.
The people have much to thank Pua for bringing up the ownership of Good Star, which otherwise would be concealed by you, Hasan.
If you feel that you cannot do a good job, please resign.
6th Generation Immigrant: In his own stupidity, the PAC chairperson assumes everyone outside Umno is also stupid.
Vijay47: We Malaysians complain a lot, yet I will add that there is much we must complain about lest it becomes the norm and gets entrenched in stone.
But despite the gloom that we often see, it is during tragedies that we see the true colours of Malaysians, when we see others needing our help, when their colour or creed is not even evident to us.
Like the two policemen jumping into a river to help those trapped in a car, like the doctors, medical staff, and even passers-by who helped during the hospital fire.
I am sure all of us have seen countless instances of Malaysians coming together to help fellow Malaysians. Some of us may have been the helpers, some the beneficiaries. But we remain unshakeable Malaysians.
Odysseus: This is the day that all Malaysians should be proud of. We rallied together to help fellow Malaysians in need, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation.
Salute to all the brave ones in Sultan Aminah Hospital, Johor Bahru.
Goldee: It was indeed a tragedy. To those who have helped, I commend them for their bravery to rescue the patients.
Fairplayer: Bravo, my salute these unsung heroes! You are worthy of your calling as doctors and nurses. You are greatly appreciated. God bless you all in big and small ways.
My deepest sympathy to the families who lost loved ones. May God comfort you. And thank you for sharing your story, dear Noor Hisham Abdullah.

Birdy: We rakyat have no problem living together. It’s the politicians splitting us up. -Mkini


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