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Monday, October 31, 2016

Will Chinese Navy ships also come with an overpriced tag?

YOURSAY | ‘Where Chin Peng failed to get a small plot for his burial, the Chinese have done it in style…’
Vijay47: Let us wait and see whether this tit-for-tat game will grow into tic-tac-toe. Trying to be one of the big boys, playing poker on an international table might seem to boost PM Najib Razak's image, but it is highly unlikely that the US will just roll over and be the sleeping dog that lies.
But it is just as possible that economic considerations rule the waves and the US might decide to relook their Department of Justice (DOJ) strategies. Then again, they may want to go ahead and this time, with more vigour and a list that goes on from MO1 to MO50.
Buying arms from anyone is the norm, but to Malaysians, the first questions that come to mind are "How much is being skimmed off? Who is taking it?"
I remember that there was a much-heralded building of warships in Lumut. What happened to that wonderful idea? I suppose enough has been made and the project rests in peace eternally in Cheras.
Back to the chase, some poor lady must be upset that 5th Avenue, Rodeo Drive, and Oscar de la Renta are off limits now.
Headhunter: Yes, I'm keen to know, who is the lucky “consultant” this time? And how many obscene millions of commissions he's going to pocket? And will the Chinese let us to defer payment till year 2020?
Anonymous 2411771460084805: So, we are going to buy a sizeable number of naval vessels from China to defend our maritime borders.
I presume this is the same China which claims large areas of our maritime territory and has sent naval vessels into our waters.
So, heaven forbid, in the event of a conflict with China, they will know exactly what our naval capabilities are and probably use the "backdoor" they would have built into the computer programmes to shut the ships’ weapon systems down.
Trueglitter: Malaysia 's procurement of those Littoral Mission Ships from China should be lauded as inevitably it will strengthen bilateral ties between China and Malaysia.
To co-exist in political and economic stability and harmony, particularly with China being our close neighbour, we need to nurture a strong relationship and better understanding in order to progress our own economy and stability in the region.
A page in history has been turned as we arrived at the new era when more businesses could be forged between the two governments and private sectors for mutual benefits.
However, amid the said positive developments that we now shared, we should be prudent and not to diminish the time-tested ties we have with the Western world, particular the US.
More importantly, the decision to buy those sea vessels from China should not be construed as a "payback" against the US on its controversial DOJ report on 1MDB scandal, which involved Najib's stepson, Riza Aziz.
Anonymous_1371467575: Indeed, what's wrong in buying warships from our largest trading partner?
China now has the capability of building some of the best warships in the world and at a very reasonable price. It is alarming to see so many anti-China rhetoric here when our country now needs China more than any other country for its economic development.
Most Chinese Malaysians are supportive of closer link between the two countries. If the opposition try to politicise this, you will see a swing of the Chinese votes back to BN in the next general election.
Inworldnotof: Those who think there is everything right about this purchasing and that we ought to laud it, play right into the hands of she and he, current wearers of the world title for favourite devil's minions.
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing: it's not for nothing the wise keep telling us that. Another one: the devil is in the details. More, the holy books warn that without knowledge, and that includes refusal to learn lessons from the past, a people perish.
After Scorpenes, Razak B, Sirul and Azilah, A from M, and the slew of 1MDB issues, it is tragic that there are those among us, seemingly well-meaning fellow Malaysians, who have been had - a fallout of educators and students made bereft of critical thinking skills due to decades of failed education policies consistently birthed and aborted by self-seeking politicos of the day, driven only by the law of the jungle - to win at all costs so as to cling on to diabolical, oppressive and corrupted power.
Rupert16: Slowly but surely, this is a clear indication that China has Najib "by the balls", so to speak. With the 1MDB scandal, Najib's position has been compromised.
Those "helping him" are now asking for their pound of flesh, which again will be borne by the rakyat, and at the country's expense at the end of the day.
Appum: Perhaps now there are negotiations between MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) and US over DOJ charges on 1MDB?
Who knows what the couple is capable of to save themselves? Sovereignty of nation can take backstage. Whatever it is, ‘ketuanan Melayu’ have been had.
Anonymous_1424677312: China is our ‘tai kor’ (big brother) now, so the red shirts, don't play play.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: With or without DOJ civil suit, Najib would still opt for the Chinese contracts. Simple. China is the only country that has the financial means to help out the massive debts owed by 1MDB.
Najib knows too well China does not mind buying up the debts, even at a loss. All it wants is having influence over the government. It is implementing this strategy in many countries with leaders who are corrupted.
In fact, the Chinese are positioning themselves in almost every corner of the world, ready to exploit any given opportunities, like contracts for high-speed rail, mining for iron ore or petroleum.
Malaysia is the latest country where it has set its eyes upon. It is slowly inching itself into the country imperceptibly and before one knows, the Chinese influence is everywhere.
Where Chin Peng failed to get a small plot for his burial, the Chinese have done it in style, by occupying the showpiece of the nation right in heart of Kuala Lumpur.
Negarawan: Indeed, Malaysia is on the way to become China's economic colony in a few years. This "colonisation" by China is an outcome from the huge debts from 1MDB. Thanks to MO1.

This is the ultimate betrayal of the people of Malaysia. As Malaysia grows more indebted to China for "saving" it from financial collapse as a result of 1MDB, we will have a puppet government under the control of China.- Mkini

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