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Saturday, November 19, 2016


President elect Donald Trump has sent out  a questionnaire to the faithful asking them to assist in prioritising the 29 most important issues that will be implemented within the first 100 days of his presidency.
Amongst these are the predictable questions like the of building the controversial wall and deportation of over a million hard core criminals. But interestingly hidden amongst the 29 questions is the question of priority to getting rid of Regime Change which the US government under Obama and Bush have spent billions of dollars to achieve with little success.
Trump’s position on the subject is that the US could use that money making friends instead of seeking to overthrow governments and making enemies out of them.
It is difficult to forget Hillary Clinton’s flippant remark about the death of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi whose demise she is  partly responsible for. “I came, I saw and he died” she remarked on hearing the news of Qadaffi’s murder at the hands of her Regime Changers.
There are a number of other items many will be cheering in Donald Trump’s 29 point plan for his first hundred days in office.
One of the more controversial is getting China declared a currency manipulator which could have negative ramifications both ways but more in the way of destroying China’s premier position as the world’s second  largest economy.
The US has a huge debt to pay as well it has a significant network of thugs, destructive Regime Changing NGO’s to disband. The Donald (as president elect is known to his former wife and many Americans) is not about to send the cavalry to the rescue of these Regime Changers as Bersih and Ambiga would have hoped and banked on if Hillary Clinton won the presidency. She did not and they are left vulnerable, high and dry.
Dr.Mahathir Mohammed the otherwise brazen take no prisoners former prime minister who thumbed his nose at the world was AWOL at today’s Bersih 5 Rally.
Ambiga Srinivasan who otherwise brazenly spews out anti government rhetoric, accusing the Malaysian government of denying its people democracy did not see the irony in the 5th Bersih rally, an expression of anti government sentiment which is of itself a manifestation of a democratic right.
It was reported that Ambiga had sought refuge at the US embassy last night or was in Singapore momentarily weighing up her options in the event the police were coming to detain her. She was instead advised by the US embassy to travel with a number of body guards who she arrived with at the Bangsar LRT today to attend the Bersih 5 rally.
However nothing can stop the Najib government’s retribution and enforcement of the laws against NGO’s, Ambiga and the remaining members of Bersih, the Malaysian Bar and the Anwar Ibrahim clan amongst the many recipients of misguided and misdirected funding. Even the president elect of the US has now confirmed the money directed towards Regime Change (Which is what Bersih is) is money misspent in adventures making enemies of nations instead of friends.
Ambiga Srinivasan is now free on borrowed time.

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