MALAYSIA Tanah Tumpah Darahku


                                                                                                                                     KKLIU 1211/2017
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Saturday, November 12, 2016


Many say Donald Trump is going to change America and the world.
Not true. The world has already changed, and only people like Trump will get to become the US president.
Trump has not emerged overnight, and the Americans are not the only people that have changed. In fact, the world is currently experiencing a dramatic change itself.
I have evidences to support this.
– Known for their reasonable thinking, the Britons chose to put rationality aside to vote for Brexit. Well, they knew Brexit could cause their country to be sidelined and marginalized globally, but why did they press on with the idea of Britain outside the EU?
– Park Geun-hye is one of very few South Korean presidents who could secure a simple majority in the election. Her downfall has been blamed on friends she shouldn’t have made, which to the world outside is not a big deal at all as it has not caused any significant loss to the country. But why do the Koreans abandon her now, with her approval rating plummeting to a pathetic 5%?
– Under the leadership of former president Benigno Aquino III, the Philippines was back on the right track of growth, government efficiency improved and anti-corruption efforts paid off. But why did Philippine voters dump his designated successor for a boisterous Rodrigo Duterte, not knowing where the mad man is going to lead the country to?
– Taiwan’s Nationalist Party suffered a humiliating defeat in the recent elections. Ma Ying-jeou, the “savior” the voters handpicked earlier on was trashed despite the eight years of relative peace and economic progress he brought to the island. But why did these positive developments fail to strike a chord with the people and win their approval?
– Hong Kongers, who used to have no political freedom to start with during the British rule, have been able to enjoy greater protection of freedom under the Basic Law after the handover to China, and an indirect privilege of choosing their chief executive. But why do they feel disenchanted or oppressed, and take to the street and even call for the territory’s independence?
These things wouldn’t have possibly happened a decade ago, because they were both unreasonable and illogical.
But now, such things keep happening and can no longer be seen as isolated cases.
In the past, people used to think that only economic plight and political oppression could send people to the street to confront and overthrow the incumbent regimes.
No more. Today, anyone can do the same so long as they feel unhappy with the authorities and want to teach them some lesson. They don’t usually require a good reason, but will normally fabricate one to justify their acts. In fact, many of them are the vested interests who are living very good lives indeed.
They don’t worry whether the new leaders could be far worse than the predecessors. Somehow they are willing to give them a chance to try things out.
Perhaps political scientists and sociologists should conduct a deeper search and find out why.
As to me, our world has officially entered the anti-establishment era that has given rise to today’s anomalies.
For instance, people are sick of the conventional politicians, feeling that they are useless impostors thinking only of their own interests and will not deliver the promised changes.
They have no faith in the existing political parties, believing that they are congregations of ill-intentioned individuals trying to monopolize the powers and resources and then divide the bounty among themselves.
People are generally unhappy with what they have now, even though things may not be that bad after all. They have fear and doubts for the future even though past experiences show that the government and people had the ability to overcome the challenges.
Because of that people have grown even more pessimistic and depressed than ever, and are more inclined to trust some weird lone rangers in the likes of Duterte and Trump, believing that these are God’s messengers to lead them across the Red Sea.
I sympathize with the existing political parties and politicians, including members of our ruling coalition and opposition parties. As part of the existing institution, they are already being abhorred. No matter how much they do, they are not going to meet the people’s expectations. They don’t even know what the people have wanted from them.
They also have no idea when they will be the next to get toppled.


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