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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bersih protester abused online after fake 'Malay monkey' posting

A Bersih protester lodged a police report after a picture of her and former Bersih chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan was used to make a "fake" posting deriding Malays as "monkeys".
Shelyn Lim said her picture at the Bersih 5 rally was used in a fake Facebook account using her full name 'Suat Ling Lim', and appended to a "racist" posting.
"Malays are all red monyet (monkeys) in disguise, please balik jamban (go back to the toilet).
"It's because of the uncivilised race that made me fleed to London (sic), but now I'm flying home especially for this Bersih event!" the allegedly fake posting reads.
The posting was shared on popular online forum Lowyat.net, BN's official social media page Friends of BN and Malaysia Today, among others.
Malaysia Today has issued an apology to Lim while Friends of BN has removed the posting.
Lim lodged a police report in Sri Hartamas at 12.21am on Sunday, hours after the Bersih 5 rally ended.
"I am lodging this report so the authorities can take action against the irresponsible parties which have circulated the racist reports.
"I am also making this report in case anything untoward happens to me," the report reads.
In a statement on her actual Facebook account, she said she has also approached various websites to take down the postings with partial success.
"This incident has deeply affected me, my friends and family as it tarnishes my reputation, spreads hateful and derogatory sentiments and would erode racial relations in this country.
"I hereby urge anyone who has seen or viewed the fake post not to share it as it would cause further damage to my name and reputation," she said.
Lim said her Instagram account was also hacked after the allegedly fake posting went viral.
She said it was hacked within half an hour of midnight on Sunday, when she was not active on the account.
"Someone had gained access and made changes to it, registering a new email.
"I spent hours through the night trying to regain access and thank heavens, I got it back before any evident damage is done.

"The fact that my online account was compromised at the same time of this incident goes to show that hate crime is very real, whether or not you know that person, and can bear real consequences," she said.
She added the ordeal will not dampen her spirits and she will continue to stand for what she believes.
However, not everyone buys her story.
"Fake profile? Afterthought excuse," one netizen commented.
"Post, viral, kantoi (busted), fake account, hacked, typical," another one said.- Mkini

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