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Monday, November 7, 2016

Bung Moktar: Register all social media sites

The Kinabatangan lawmaker says this will make it easier for the multimedia and communications ministry to call them for questioning and to monitor them.
KUALA LUMPUR: An Umno supreme council member has asked the communications and multimedia minister (MCMC) to register all social media sites so that it would be easier for the government to monitor them.
Bung Moktar Radin (BN-Kinabatagan) said in Singapore all social media sites were registered.
“It’ll then be easier to monitor and call them in for questioning.
“A lot of youths do not know what they are doing and condemn the government.
“It is time to regulate social media by registering them.”
To this, MCMC minister Salleh Said Keruak said the ministry is reviewing the suggestion.
“We have plans to amend the MCMC laws and it is to be discussed at the Cabinet level.”
However, Shamsul Anuar (BN-Lenggong) said it was not good enough to just review the issue.
“We are trying to bring the country forward. They can have opinions but must be responsible.”
Tian Chua (PKR-Batu) raised the issue on who would decide if the reports were true or false.
“There are laws that allow the authorities to take them to court as it is done now. I want an objective analysis how the news can be a threat and cause violence in the country.
“Jamal Yunos (Red Shirts movement leader) is also using the social media.”
Tian Chua suggested that the government not block the entire website just because of one or two articles in it, as was done with Asia Sentinel and Malaysia Chronicle.
Salleh pointed out that websites could discuss with MCMC on any issues.
“Furthermore, the websites are not meant to be permanently blocked.”

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