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Saturday, November 26, 2016

‘Don’t give up on efforts to save red-shirt Mak Tams’

YOURSAY | ‘We must do our part to reach out to those with less or no access to the truth.’
Inworldnotof: Writer Zan Azlee, that is critical thinking and a spirit of diligence and willingness to take the bull by the horns and walk the second mile if we are to address the woes besetting the nation and a people that have been educated not to think out of the box but to be fearful, submissive, unquestioning or else I’ll come and get you with the big stick, a failed education system trampled upon many times over; politicised for selfish personal ends that are realised by ensuring the general populace have no access to the facts and figures of issues that affect their very lives.
The mainstream media (MSM) sugar-coats and bluffs for them, until murders and mammoth thievery are glossed over. They use our hard-earned tax money to bribe the Mak Tams out there for votes through Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) and five-yearly general election (GE) goody bags.
This vicious circle and cycle of suppression, oppression and corruption can be broken. We each must do our part to reach out to our fellow rakyat with less or no access to the truth before the next GE.
Malaccan: This is a well-written and thoughtful article. The writer summed it so well in the last paragraph, which reads, “People like Zawawi (Othman) are not ignorant. His kind has no hope can’t be helped any more. But people like Mak Tam can be saved. In fact, they could be the very saviours that Malaysia needs right now. So let’s not forsake them.”
His efforts should be supported. There are elements still who can be saved and there are the few who are not worth the effort.
Drngsc: Keep them poor and keep them stupid. Feed them rubbish news and they will believe you.
This Umno government allegedly preys on race and religion, allegedly using a strong dose of lies and half-truths. We have to bring these people into the 21st century.
Wira: In a world where information can be checked, confirmed or refuted almost within minutes, if such people still choose to remain ignorant, then I must congratulate Umno for producing several generations of zombies through their programmes with the sole purpose of keeping themselves in power.
Just a Malaysian: Let’s educate Norazimah Sanur (Mak Tam) so that she will not wake up one day to a bankrupt country with weak currency and her beloved cucu-cicit have to go overseas as foreign labourers.
I pray that day will not come and we have to stop the rot right now.
Awang Top: The only way is for them to allow God to speak to their conscience. But again, do they have a conscience? Many of these goons were raised to think negatively of others who are different from them, especially on race and religion.
"Parents greatly affect their children’s behaviour. Children are like sponges - they model everything a parent does and incorporate what they see into their own lives. Many children grow up to be bad because their parents did not influence them with good values." - Psychologist Dr Erick Erickson.
Anonymous_1388029052: Despite not being a Muslim, Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaya Purnama, better known as Ahok, is a morally clean and upright leader who enjoys strong support from the people in Jakarta because he is very much against corruption.
On the other hand, look at many of our so-called Muslim leaders. Apart from allegedly being corrupt and seemingly lacking good morals, they are also seemingly incompetent in running the states efficiently.
Just look at Kelantan under PAS over the past 26 years. What sort of development and progress has the state achieved so far?
Telestai!: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang behaves the same way as the politicians going against Ahok. They were telling Indonesians that it is a sin to vote for a non-Muslim. When Ahok exposed their lies, they accused Ahok of blasphemy.
I understand that Islam is a religion of peace but these politicians (including Hadi) are unfortunately giving the religion a bad name. Fair is fair. A theocratic state will embrace hudud but a secular state should remain secular until and unless the people vote to change the constitution.
Forcing Islamic laws on a secular state and condemning non-Muslims when you meet opposition is unfair. Those who oppose you are non-Muslims and Muslims alike.
As a non-Muslim, I've no problem having a Muslim represent my constituency.
SusahKes: Hadi, how do you expect us to behave? I don't want to comment on Ahok, but if you want us to buy into your nonsensical logic that this hudud bill would have no effect on non-Muslims, then we might as well believe that you are Brad Pitt's better-looking twin.
How could the implementation of Islamic laws not end up impinging on non-Muslims' daily affairs? Care to tell us then, why were many non-Muslims subjected to dress codes while visiting government agencies? Or why a word that was used for over 200 years by Christian Malayans/Malaysians got banned in Bolehland?
What about the division of supermarket lanes and seating positions in cinemas according to gender? Imagine a non-Muslim son and mother going to a supermarket, but having to queue in separate lines?
Maybe you could explain to us the dismay that unilateral conversion cases have caused to non-Muslim parents. I don't even want to talk about swimming pools, hot dogs, and body snatching at funerals.
But perhaps most of all, we should ask you, "How are you behaving?" For a man so driven to implement what he deems as God's laws, what does one call Hadi when he, on the other hand, conveniently ignores the Grand-Money-Disappearing-Ponzi-Act conjured by his buddy, Mr Malaysian Official 1 (MO1)?
Hypocrite, comes to mind.
Unafraid: Does Hadi mean to say that should his hudud law be enforced in Malaysia, all non-Muslims should not interfere as it only involves Muslims? What kind of twisted logic is that?

The MPs are representatives of Malaysians of all races and religion. They don't represent Muslims (or non-Muslims) alone. They must represent the interests of all Malaysians who voted for them. -Mkini

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