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Sunday, November 27, 2016

First Maria has links with IS, now with CIA?

YOURSAY | ‘Maria a woman of substance who stands much taller than the men who crucify her.’
Existential Turd: Anyone who has played the game of "six degrees of separation" will know that you can link anyone to anyone else.
One can also prove that Maria Chin Abdullah is related to him if he so wishes. During the Qing Dynasty, such crime is called guilty by association.
All they can come up with is a 30-year-old oblique connection involving her dead husband. If that constitute culpability, then the entire Malaysian population is corrupt because they contribute taxes to the regime that siphons off large chunks of public funds.
Pemerhati: In 2007, the Umno-led government detained five Hindraf leaders under the ISA (Internal Security Act) after they organised a very successful protest rally. They said Hindraf had connection with the Tamil Tigers which the Sri Lankan government considered as terrorists.
Now a similar lie is being concocted by Umno information chief Annuar Musa against Maria for organising an equally successful rally.
The Umno-led government specialises in concocting lies against people who highlight or expose its corrupt, kleptocratic and crooked activities.
Another good example of Umno’s blatant lying and evil behaviour is its incarceration of the charismatic opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on two occasions on trumped-up sodomy charges with the help of its unprincipled lackeys in the enforcement agencies.
Senior Citizen: If Maria really has links with CIA, then PM Najib Abdul Razak would have links with Saudi agents after receiving his "donation" from the Arab prince, links with CIA after he golfed with US President Barack Obama, and links with the Jews after chatting with Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and links with the communists after selling the country's assets to Chinese company and awarding China the RM55 billion East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) project without tender.
Leonie: In other words, the CIA had known for years what the Election Commission was doing. So, Maria please be strong as you not only have right on your side but the CIA, too.
Or is Annuar trying to exploit his boss' new communist ties by 'naming' the CIA.
Guyintheglass: And I thought the home minister said he does not know why Maria is detained under Sosma and for us to ask the police. It looks like this party information chief knows better than the home minister.
MVA: Anyone working to ensure electoral integrity and free and fair elections should be honoured, not persecuted.
And the CIA is a legitimate US government authority and if they are helping activists in their quest to ensure electoral integrity and free and fair elections they should be applauded too.
Ace: Tomorrow Annuar will say that since Maria is a Chinese, she has links to the Chinese Communist Party and she is also a member of IS (Islamic State) because she is a Muslim…
Those who accuse without any proof are the lowest of the lowlife.
Behsaikong: Cabinet ministers are liberally spewing out some such suggestions and accusations against those they view as "enemies" of their government.
Nevertheless, whatever the ministers may feel or think, investigations can be conducted without putting such "suspects" in solitary confinement prescribed by a law which many Malaysians do not seem to agree with.
The government should explain why this woman is so dangerous to her nation that she cannot be presented in court and let the court decide on the case.
The very nature of her arrest proves that she is not dangerous to her nation: she was taken from her office - not operating from jungle or hill or some secret hideouts; she bore no firearms or explosives; she had no huge stash of bank notes in preparation for an escape should the authorities make a move on her.
There is no hint of terrorism about the entire event. If our government has a quarrel with the CIA, then by all means go after the CIA. We the people will enthusiastically back you, Mr Minister.
Hardboiled: Malaysia’s first PM Tunku Abdul Rahman had links to the British government. Should his contribution to Malaysia's independence be probed too?
Anonymous 1890491455255851: Surely Annuar knows he can't simply put this kind of accusation as if it were fact out in public with no direct proof.
These are the sort of miscreants we as the people of this country, have to bear with. These are the people charged with making important decisions for the country? Good grief. How many morons can one government carry?
Anonymous_1419577444: She got arrested for "connections" to CIA back in 1980s but a leader who was openly praising ISIS a few years back is freely walking around...
Headhunter: Annuar wanted to make her look as sinister as possible as an excuse to incarcerate her under the draconian law. So what if she is an activist or human rights fighter for the downtrodden?
Maria is an outstanding Malaysian and a woman of substance who stands much taller than the men who crucify her.
All Malaysians should feel proud that we have someone like her who is well respected as a human rights activist all over the world. Salute, Maria!
Anonymous #33227154: Don't talk rubbish. Can Annuar show proof that Maria Chin has done something illegal? What exactly are her crimes? How exactly is CIA involved? Malaysians are fed-up with all these spin masters; we want the truth and facts.
Speechless: Annuar, show proof of what you said. Otherwise, it's slander. Such irresponsible and sickening statements match the evil soul of the person uttering them. There is only one place where such evilness eventually goes.
Not Confused: What utterly disgusting tripe being spouted by this government mouthpiece. So what if she does have links to the CIA and NGOs?
So do many government supporters but they are not held in detention. This is just crude hypocrisy of the highest order.

Léon Moch: Is CIA officially classified as terrorist organisation by the Malaysian government? If not, then Maria should not be detained under Sosma.-Mkini

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