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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hindu temple vandalised twice in a week

Vandals strike again at Sri Raja Madurai Veeram temple, inflicting greater damage this time around.
GEORGE TOWN: Vandals visited Sri Raja Madurai Veeram temple in Jalan Timah Datuk Keramat here, smashing statues and prayer objects, for the second time this week,.
According to NST Online, the act of vandalism occurred at 1.30pm on Wednesday.
Temple chairman Michael Anthony, 52, said three deity statues were cracked and many candle holders were smashed.
“The extent of damage is much worse than what happened on Monday,” he said.
On Monday, the statue of a deity was removed from its base in the 80-year-old temple. The head of the deity was also removed.
Sri Raja Madurai Veeram temple is the sixth temple in Penang to be vandalised since June. Sri Muniswaran temple in Jalan Tunku Kudin here was broken into by three unidentified individuals at 5am on July 10. Three statues were destroyed. The first Hindu temple to be vandalised was in Penanti Estate, Ara Kuda on the mainland in early June. -FMT

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