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Monday, November 14, 2016

Hitting Jamal where it hurts - his pockets

YOURSAY | ‘Bersih must be persistent and not have any last minute out-of-court settlement.’
Malaysian Born: This is very good, Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Md Yunos made a terrible accusation in public with, I believe, little if any evidence at all.
Basically, he did a Trump, without saying "some people say" or "I have heard". This was a direct accusation (that the coalition for clean and free elections was infiltrated by the Islamic State).
He then thought he was immune from prosecution because of his Umno ties, so he flushed the letter of demand (from Bersih leader Maria Chin) down the toilet bowl.
Well, the chickens have come home to roost, he should have gotten legal advice earlier. If he can’t provide tangible evidence beyond the bull***t he normally spouts, his goose is cooked!
Rick Teo: Yes, the only way to teach this Umno leader a lesson is to hit him in the pocket. I hope the judge will give a hefty compensation to Maria.
If need be, hopefully he has to close his ikan bakar shop.
Mosquitobrain: Bersih must be persistent and not have any last minute out-of-court settlement. Let the court take the necessary action against this red-shirt 'kurang ajar' (insolent) leader.
The Rover: Why did this thug attempt to avoid the serving of the legal papers if he is really such a hero to his troops?
Anonymous #40538199: So Jamal only dare to run wild in the streets, but is afraid to face Maria in the court of law?
AJ: Infantile behaviour by Jamal. The courts are the only way to get him as there is little justice outside of it. Will the courts be our last bastion of fairness in an open-and-shut case as this?
Bulls**tWalks & Money Talks: Let’s see what he will he do. Flush the court order down the toilet bowl as well?
Gerard Lourdesamy: Bersih does not seek to topple the government through violent means but seeks to empower the people to change the government through clean, fair and transparent elections.
There was no widespread violence in the previous Bersih rallies apart from a few instances of unruly behaviour and damage to public property for which the perpetrators were severely dealt with under the law.
As for foreign funding, where is the evidence that US billionaire George Soros is using Bersih for the purpose to overthrow the government through violent means?
On the contrary, we do not know the purpose and how the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ that PM Najib Razak received from a generous Saudi prince was utilised, except that it was given with the express purpose of keeping Umno in power during GE13.
So, which funding was actually "detrimental to parliamentary democracy"?
Alunan Ombak: Rizal Mansor (aide to PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor), in your statement quoted in this news story, I can't find even a shred of solid evidence to support your assertion that Open Society Foundation's (OSF) funding has "proven everything".
Quigonbond: Dear Rosmah’s aide, what speaks volumes is that you are afraid that unlike Bersih 4, this Saturday’s rally will have a more balanced multiracial crowd and people will be coming out in droves because of all the pent-up anger over 1MDB and the economic malaise we are suffering due to GST (Goods and Services Tax).
The police were trigger-happy in Bersih 2 and 3. In contrast, Bersih 4 was peaceful because the federal government made a calculated decision that without PAS, it can be spun into a Chinese-dominated rally and therefore the police did not intervene.
But you still did not expect to see a sea of yellow around Dataran Merdeka and that shocked you. So, you are desperate to stop Bersih 5 now.
I would urge the police to exercise restraint and not to condone the red-shirts to commit further acts of intimidation or accidentally trigger a clash, because you have no idea how strong the undercurrents of anger and frustration are among Malaysians at this point in time.
Anonymous 1890491455255851: So now an aide to the PM's wife is talking about disunity and democracy?
This government has been blatantly using race and religion as a means to instil fear in the Malay community just to hold on to power.
This is a government that has no respect for the people it serves as it did not even bother to address and get to the bottom of the country’s biggest financial scandal, ever.
This is the government that is involved is incredible levels of corruption and shows little desire to change that.
And Umno is the party behind the rough, ignorant, racist, crude and violent red-shirts. So please, the aide to the PM's wife, perhaps it is best you just take care of your boss's needs and stay there.
Mushiro: Rizal has moved from protecting Rosmah to attacking Bersih. Why can’t Rosmah attack Bersih directly?
If Rizal claim that the OSF funds to all NGOs in Malaysia, which total up to RM2.5 million, had "proven everything", then what will the RM2.6 billion and another RM48 million from SRC International found in Najib's bank accounts prove?
Victor Johan: In the past, the May 13, 1969 incident was the 'bogeyman' for Umno's electoral campaigns.
This has now failed to influence the younger voters who see Umno president-cum-PM’s financial scandals and kleptocracy practices and his wife’s high living as a menace to the country's financial and economic health.
So, now Umno is resorting to making Soros as their new bogeyman to hoodwink the rakyat.
I Am Stupid: Who is Rizal? Who employ him? Who pay for his salary? Why is an aide to the PM’s wife speaks like he is a minister?

Headhunter: Yes, such a presumptuous man. He should stick to his duty of defending his lady boss’s tattered reputation.- Mkini

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