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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Jamal: Son was flaunting my wealth

Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos said there was nothing wrong with his 16-year-old son flaunting his "possessions" on social media.
Jamal said that his son does not own any property or vehicles that were featured on the latter's social media accounts. Jamal said these were in fact his possessions.
"I have been doing business for 28 years but we are questioning how this 28-year-old (Ampang PKR Youth chief Adam Rosly) amassed his wealth," he told a press conference today.
Previously, Jamal had accused Adam of living beyond his means and exposed the fact that the latter owned a mansion in Ampang.
When asked if he would ask his son to keep a low profile, Jamal said his son was free to use social media and parade his possessions.
Adam, on the other hand, said Jamal, had several properties to his name.
"We are questioning how he obtained such wealth. There's nothing wrong to be rich but if he amassed his wealth using his positions in the party then the rakyat should know.
"Like my son, he says these things are his father's and I have declared my wealth and I pay my income tax so there's no problem," said Jamal.
Jamal was speaking to reporters after launching his "Bersih 7" campaign, aimed at putting several demands to the Selangor government.
He said the campaign would involve 700 road show stops throughout the state. The campaign would kick off in Sekinchan on Saturday.
“I will serve Sekinchan seafood. I will be paying for it, not Ng Suee Lim,” said Jamal, in reference to the Sekinchan state assemblyperson.
Meanwhile, the road shows, said Jamal, would be conducted until April 1 next year and would end with a “large gathering” to be held at the Selangor secretariat building itself.
The road shows would be conducted weekly and would not necessarily be held during the weekend.
Asked why the campaign was not named “Bersih 6”, Jamal said a “Bersih 6” campaign would be held in other states.
What next, then, after the road shows conclude?
By then, said Jamal, the general election would be held and he was of the opinion that the people of Selangor would believe in the ability of Barisan Nasional to govern the state.
“After we conduct the roadshows at 700 locations, the (current) Selangor government will collapse,” he said.
On whether the Bersih 7 campaign was more appropriate for Putrajaya, Jamal said the campaign was about saving Selangor as opposed to Putrajaya.
“Putrajaya is already safe under the leadership of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak,” he said, to cheers from his supporters.
Meanwhile, Jamal was also asked to respond to former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad who said he was “dirty” and needed to bathe for 15 times a day.
“I don’t care what Mahathir has to say about me. For me, there’s nothing wrong with being dirty.”
Others around him, he claimed, always said that he smelt good while media practitioners who were always in close proximity to him had never complained.
“Maybe Mahathir’s nose has festered with pus. Being dirty is better than taking the rakyat’s money and giving it to one’s sons who are already billionaires,” he said.
Jamal, shortly after his release from a four-day remand yesterday, said he did not bathe for four days.

And even today, he further claimed, he had not taken a bath as he lived in Ampang.
“Ampang is in Selangor and Selangor does not have water. I haven’t bathed but I wear perfume.
“Even if I don’t bathe for one month but because my heart is clean, all the dirt outside will be cleaned from the inside,” he claimed.- Mkini

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